burst out doing

burst out

1. To flow out of something suddenly or with great force, as of a liquid. Water is bursting out of this pipe, and I can't get it to stop!
2. To leave a place suddenly or energetically. After our argument, Caitlin burst out of the room in a huff. The kids burst out of school cheering on the last day before summer vacation.
3. To suddenly perform a particular action. My mother was fine this morning, but she burst out crying at the funeral.
4. To pop out of something, often clothes that are too small. I'm sorry, but that top just doesn't fit you—you're practically bursting out of it!
5. To speak loudly and abruptly. I couldn't even finish telling my story before my mom burst out in opposition.
See also: burst, out

burst out doing something

to begin to do something suddenly, such as cry, laugh, shout, etc. Suddenly, she burst out singing. Ted burst out laughing when he read the joke.
See also: burst, out