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burst into (some place)

To force entry into some place, often a building. I had to burst into the house because I didn't have my key, and no one else was home!
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burst into (something)

1. Of a plant, to bloom. I can't wait for the flowers I planted to burst into blossom and fill our yard with color!
2. To develop or erupt suddenly into a particular state or activity. My mother was fine this morning, but she burst into tears at the funeral. The phone began to overheat, and its battery burst into flames.
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burst into

1. Also, burst out in or into . Break out into sudden activity. For example, burst into flames means "break out in a fire," as in This dry woodpile may well burst into flames. A version of this term, which dates from the 16th century, was used figuratively by John Milton: "Fame is the spur ... But the fair guerdon [reward] when we hope to find, and think to burst out into sudden blaze" ( Lycidas, 1637).
2. Also, burst out. Give sudden utterance to. For example, burst into tears or laughter or song or speech or burst out crying or laughing or singing , etc. mean "begin suddenly to weep, laugh, sing," and so on, as in When she saw him, she burst into tears, or I burst out laughing when I saw their outfits, or When they brought in the cake, we all burst into song. These terms have been so used since the late 1300s.
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burst into

1. To enter some place suddenly and forcefully: The police burst into the room and conducted a raid.
2. To start doing something suddenly: Sometimes we burst into song while we're hiking in the mountains.
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A similar incident, in which car moving from Topkapy to Vatan boulevard direction burst into flames, happened at 20:00 local time and two people inside the car saved alive by getting out from the car.
The microlight then burst into flames. Mr Carvell was given first aid at the scene and taken to Wansbeck General Hospital at Ashington.
A WARRINGTON man died after his car hit a motorway barrier and burst into flames.
NEIGHBOURS spoke of a "miracle escape" when a light aircraft crashed between two semi-detached houses shortly after take-off and burst into flames.
MANAMA: A Bahraini man was yesterday killed in an accident when his car crashed into a palm tree and burst into flames.
TWO women walked away from this fireball unharmed yesterday after their van suddenly burst into flames at the side of the road.
Air crash investigators in Japan are trying to ascertain what caused a cargo plane to crash land and burst into flames at Tokyo's Narita airport.
The Rover was then knocked into the fast lane and burst into flames. He said the woman is said to be from Warrington and the 'hero' who saved her from Scotland.
While stopped at a traffic light, the glossy "horse" let out a neigh and then burst into flames. Luckily, Bullen escaped unscathed.
A WOMAN in Birkenhead was saved by her smoke alarm today after her tumble dryer burst into flames.
The car overturned and burst into flames, gardai said.
A small airliner carrying at least 50 people crashed and burst into flames on Sunday shortly after taking off from Lexington's Blue Grass Airport, killing all but one on board, officials said.
While still in a steep bank, the plane's wing hit a tree and the craft entered a nose dive and burst into flames.
One of the darkest moments in the history of the Concorde was the Air France crash on July 25, 2000, when a flaming Concorde struck a hotel and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle Airport, killing 113 people, including 4 people in the hotel.
Shortly thereafter, the vehicle burst into flames. The courageous actions of Officer Beninger saved this woman's life.