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The findings of the researchers on the new fast radio burst were detailed in a study published in the journal ( Nature.
A number of studies have been conducted in India which suggest that new interrupted X-technique for abdominal closure after midline laparotomy significantly reduces the risk of burst abdomen7,8.
"That's about the width of a human hair seen ten metres away, and good enough to tie each burst to a particular galaxy."
As an important means, the ANN-based method for prediction of rock burst has been adopted by many researchers gradually in recent years (Bai et al., 2002; Zhang et al., 2012).
One speculative scenario is that the persistent radio source is an AGN that blows bubbles of plasma into space, which glow for a snapshot of time before they're destroyed, flashing as the radio burst. Since the galaxy will likely replenish those bubbles, this could happen again and again.
The source OBS edge-node sends out a Packet-In message to the controller after assembling a burst, and the controller computes an end-to-end path for the BCP of the burst.
According to St Jude, the SUNBURST study also found patients preferred Burst stimulation to traditional SCS and that a vast majority of patients experienced a reduction in paresthesia (a tingling sensation common during traditional SCS), or were paresthesia free when receiving Burst stimulation.
Coauthor Brad Cenko of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., said the next step is detecting "orphan" afterglows of bursts whose gamma rays are not quite pointed toward Earth.
it makes it possible to transmit an optical burst from node input port to any output port.
The optical packets in DWDM can be switched with one of three optical switching methods that are Optical Circuit Switching (OCS) [1], Optical Packet Switching (OPS)[2], and Optical Burst Switching (OBS) [3-4].
Washington, Dec 16 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that the chances of Earth being fried by a largest gamma ray burst are exceedingly rare.
Orbiting telescopes got the fireworks show of a lifetime last spring when they spotted what is known as a gamma ray burst in a far-off galaxy.
The methods and technology for reducing rock burst hazards have made great strides, and the number of rock bursts in hard coal mines decreased drastically from 39 in 1972 to 2-5 in recent years.