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The burst sources might be more distant that those in the heliocentric model but still closer than the boundary of the galactic disk in the solar neighborhood.
Within 3 minutes of the burst, dubbed GRB 060218, Swift's visible-light telescope pinpointed the source, in the constellation Aries.
BURST VERSUS QUASAR Researchers have already recorded the telltale gap caused by atomic hydrogen in the spectrum of another type of bright beacon, known as a quasar (SN: 8/11/01,p.
In addition to the simple math that is required to determine amount of oversize for the burst head, a more important but complicated formula is to determine the volumetric displacement of the amount of earth moved in the burst to allow passage of the head through the original pipe ID.
CMP, for example, does not typically burst or split very well.
4 burst, predicted that remote bursts might be relatively common.
Machine pits," "receiving pits," "pull pits" and "exit pits" are again all names for similar pits that are required for the end of the pipe burst project opposite the "insertion pit.
One of the newly detected X-ray flares, recorded 12 minutes after a gamma-ray burst on May 2, packed about as much energy as the burst itself.
NASA's Swift satellite detected the flash--a burst of gamma rays that lasted one-twentieth of a second--on May 9.