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have a burr under one's saddle

Rur. to be irritated by something. Joe has a burr under his saddle because Jane's going out with Bill tonight. Mary must have a burr under her saddle. She's been snapping at me all day.
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a burr under (or in) your saddle

a persistent source of irritation. North American informal
See also: burr, saddle
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Furthermore, the same authors report that the use of high-speed cutting in the machining of aluminum and its alloys causes good surface quality and small burrs.
Increase of point angle provides uniform burrs without drill caps.
The analysis of drill geometry is strongly linked to burr due to its influence on chip and burr formation.
The response was burr dimension measured at the end of the holes.
Queenie (Valarie Pettiford) has a soft spot for her vaudeville clown lover, Burrs (Eric Anderson), in ``The Wild Party.
In some ways, Burr and Crandall are a dream duo, possessed of skill sets that are remarkably complementary.
Crandall and Burr are trying to carve out another option, far more flexible than the existing choices, akin to simply calling a car service.
While Burr and Crandall are still working out the particulars of their pricing, a trip on Pogo will certainly cost more than a first-class ticket on a commercial carrier.
Burr and Crandall intend to start small, initially operating only within a 500-mile radius of New York City.
Occasionally, however, a snagged animal isn't strong enough to rip a burr free from its parent plant and finds itself locked in a potential death trap.
Melted burrs may produce undesirable beaded edges or spatter.
Hand deburring is still widely used on complex parts in low volume, or to handle unusual burrs.
Nonabrasive media, such as a plastic, break burrs without affecting parent material.
Richard and Dolores Burr of Van Nuys celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on June 14 with a Sunday brunch for family and friends at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills.
The brunch was given to them by their children - son Donald and daughter-in-law Cynthia Burr of Dallas; daughter Cynthia and son-in-law James Martin of Chatsworth; and daughter Victoria and son-in-law Troy Valenzuela of Thousand Oaks.