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have a burr under one's saddle

Rur. to be irritated by something. Joe has a burr under his saddle because Jane's going out with Bill tonight. Mary must have a burr under her saddle. She's been snapping at me all day.
See also: burr, have, saddle

a burr under (or in) your saddle

a persistent source of irritation. North American informal
See also: burr, saddle
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Celebrating the festive season with co-workers is important for company morale, but the Burr Ridge hotel knows such events are beginning to weigh heavier than Santa's sleigh.
The reorganization is designed both to take advantage of Burr Wolff's strong results in large property tax appeals and to enhance productivity and improve results on its customers' high-volume, low-value property tax appeals.
With a million users, Burr figures the Westlake Village-based company will attract enough advertisers to pay for all the staff, marketing, network access and tangential costs of running an Internet service provider.
Whether businesses are seeking a traditional Chicago Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year's Eve party or have a specific theme in mind already, the Burr Ridge hotel offers elegant banquet space for up to 500 people with windows overlooking a tranquil setting.
When the officers tried to stop and question Burr he stabbed them in the chest and stomach, it was alleged.
The brunch was given to them by their children - son Donald and daughter-in-law Cynthia Burr of Dallas; daughter Cynthia and son-in-law James Martin of Chatsworth; and daughter Victoria and son-in-law Troy Valenzuela of Thousand Oaks.
at the County Line Square shopping center, Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge.
Serving on the Board of Directors for Textronics are Stacey Burr, Peter Grubstein of NGEN, Jim DiAndreth of INVISTA, and George Abraham, a partner in SAS Investors.
Marriott Chicago Southwest at Burr Ridge adds more magic to holiday engagements with a special limited-time offer.
The Directors of Burr and Burr PLC are pleased to announce the completion of a series of brand acquisitions for the Omega 3 health supplement sector.
Burr was born in South Carolina and moved back and forth between Massachusetts and Chicago before his family settled in Shrewsbury just in time to start his junior year at St.
CONTACT: Walter Wolff of Burr Wolff, +1-713-986-5011, or wwolff@burrwolff.
Burr Wolff has expanded its Mid-Atlantic reach by opening its fourth regional sales & use tax operation in Cleveland.
Reformed armed robber Martin Burr grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Steven Davies in the hand during a drinking session to celebrate a Christening.