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have a burr under one's saddle

Rur. to be irritated by something. Joe has a burr under his saddle because Jane's going out with Bill tonight. Mary must have a burr under her saddle. She's been snapping at me all day.
See also: burr, have, saddle

a burr under (or in) your saddle

a persistent source of irritation. North American informal
See also: burr, saddle
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Once it was clear that Burr would seize New Orleans, support did not melt away, but ran; a "[s]hocked" Andrew Jackson (counted on for several thousand militia) warned Governor Claiborne in New Orleans (175).
Burr played saxophone in the school band and dabbled in guitar, but wishes he had taken both more seriously.
The expansion of the company's footprint into Tampa is a strategic move via which it will be able to better cater to its banking and financial customers seeking local legal service, William Lee Thuston, managing partner at Burr & Forman, said.
The court heard Burr, of Bretts Close, Hillfields, Coventry, had a long criminal record dating back to 1983 including armed robbery with a sawn-off shotgun and a hammer attack.
Burr, she argues, was "a feminist--every bit a feminist, in the modern sense of the word.
The era of what has come to be called "Founders Chic," of mass sales of ponderous, pedestrian doorstops about the likes of John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, as well as of similarly unenlightening works on lesser lights such as John Jay, Gouverneur Morris, and other politicians of the Early Republic, proceeds apace; and so one cannot much blame Nancy Isenberg or Viking for wanting to tap into the market--despite the fact that Burr was not a founder, in any obvious sense, of anything other than the Jeffersonian Republican Party that nearly drove him to his doom.
That Hamilton had made a show of adjusting his pistol and donning his spectacles before the duel Isenberg trots out as evidence to rebuff "modern historians who see Burr as the aggressor.
The most famous American ever tried for treason was Aaron Burr, a man known more for his role in the killing of Alexander Hamilton than for conspiring to create a nation within a nation.
Aaron Burr Hall now houses an 80-person tiered classroom, faculty offices, several seminar rooms, and suites for three academic departments along with other amenities.
We believe in the inherent worth of all people and we honor each person and their right to speak,'' Burr said of the principles and their connection to Sunday's event.
In some ways, Burr and Crandall are a dream duo, possessed of skill sets that are remarkably complementary.
MPE's "Platinum" series replacement burrs are guaranteed to provide grind uniformity, equal or greater wear life and typically cost 30-50% less than factory original replacement burrs.
Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, a former delegate to the Constitutional Convention, faced off in an infamous (notorious) duel.
Darren Burr, 31, knifed his adoptive mother Afryl, below, at her home and then tried to kill two policemen.