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burp the worm

rude slang To masturbate. A term only applied to men. A: "Why is he all embarrassed today?" B: "Oh, his crush walked in on him burping the worm. How horrifying is that?"
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and burp
1. in. to bring up stomach gas. (see also belch.) She burped quietly behind her hanky, so no one would notice.
2. n. an upward release of stomach gas. The burp did not go unnoticed.


See berp


and burps
n. liquor; beer. (see also belch.) Did you bring the berps for the party?


See berps
See also: burp
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We anticipate rapid adoption of this new system because it is easy to use, overcomes the problems associated with burping and provides the assurance of maximum blood recovery without compromising filter performance," said Roberto Perez, President of Pall Medical.
The majority of respondents only expect basic good manners from their dining companions - so burping, coughing, breaking wind and obscenities are definitely off the menu," The Telegraph quoted a rep, as saying.
Finding him guilty, magistrate Alan Edge-worth said: "We did not accept the evidence of the defendant that he was repeatedly burping and bringing up stomach acid.
Gregson said: "During the test, I was burping and bringing up acid in my throat.
From hog calling to senior milk drinking to bubble gum blowing and burping, it's all here at the Los Angeles County Fair.
CORRIE star Simon Gregson was found guilty of drink-driving yesterday, after claiming his positive breath test was simply due to him burping.
TAKING A POP: Jennifer donned a baseball cap and cropped top to impersonate Britney on her wedding day while comic Jimmy pretended to be a burping Jason Alexander on Saturday Night Live
Trying to palm off a burping, (flatulent) blonde as entertainment shows a real lack of judgment (and class).
Finding him guilty, magistrate Alan Edgeworth said: "We did not accept the evidence of the defendant that he was repeatedly burping and bringing up stomach acid.
Kids, they like burping, too, and the fact that when she laughs, it's not a dainty titter, but a hearty guffaw, the laugh of someone who knows how to have fun.
But Neil Murray, QC, defending, insisted the machine didn't always discriminate between "normal" alcohol and that brought up by burping - which would give a higher reading.
She was embarrassed that she was burping in front of me.
HOLLYWOOD beauty Cameron Diaz has received an unusual honour - for burping louder and longer than other stars, including Britney Spears.
SEXY actress Cameron Diaz has caused a huge rift by beating pop princess Britney Spears to a Hollywod award - for burping longer and louder.