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burp the worm

rude slang To masturbate. A term only applied to men. A: "Why is he all embarrassed today?" B: "Oh, his crush walked in on him burping the worm. How horrifying is that?"
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and burp
1. in. to bring up stomach gas. (see also belch.) She burped quietly behind her hanky, so no one would notice.
2. n. an upward release of stomach gas. The burp did not go unnoticed.


See berp


and burps
n. liquor; beer. (see also belch.) Did you bring the berps for the party?


See berps
See also: burp
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If belching, burping or bloating are a problem for you, you might want to lay off carbonated beverages.
We anticipate rapid adoption of this new system because it is easy to use, overcomes the problems associated with burping and provides the assurance of maximum blood recovery without compromising filter performance," said Roberto Perez, President of Pall Medical.
Is the practice of burping effective to control colic and regurgitation episodes in young infants?
Paul can stop burping whenever he likes, but in the morning you'll still be Piers Morgan.
Other inappropriate acts which will insure the first date is the only date were licking the plate clean, burping, picking teeth with fingers, the study conducted by internet market research company www.
QMY husband is always burping - after meals, after hot drinks and cold drinks.
Think: A kitschy, archival-footage-rich ``American Experience'' documentary on the economic and social revolution afforded by the polyethylene burping containers, created by the same guy who devised the ``fish-powered boat'' and made famous by an ambitious single mother.
The good news, however, is that some amount of burping is normal.
One in four owned up to burping loudly at a dinner table.
It is believed Gregson's lawyers will point to fresh evidence supporting his burping argument.
I take a lot of pride in my burping, and I'm really good at it,'' he boasted.
Underburping - If your baby has trouble burping she may spit up as her way of getting the air out.
CORRIE star Simon Greg-son was found guilty of drink-driving yesterday, after claiming his positive breath test was simply due to him burping.
Gregson said: "During the test, I was burping and bringing up acid in my throat.
From hog calling to senior milk drinking to bubble gum blowing and burping, it's all here at the Los Angeles County Fair.