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burp the worm

rude slang To masturbate. A term only applied to men. A: "Why is he all embarrassed today?" B: "Oh, his crush walked in on him burping the worm. How horrifying is that?"
See also: burp, worm


and burp
1. in. to bring up stomach gas. (see also belch.) She burped quietly behind her hanky, so no one would notice.
2. n. an upward release of stomach gas. The burp did not go unnoticed.


See berp


and burps
n. liquor; beer. (see also belch.) Did you bring the berps for the party?


See berps
See also: burp
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Unfortunately, he took the few annoying aspects of Burp, stomped all over a legend and created TV Projectile Vomit.
At of ITV's Called Sausage Time, it's "a load of silly stuff" including Harry's many puppet friends, such as Gary, his son from his first marriage who played Alan Sugar on TV Burp.
Best comedy personality: Harry Hill Best comedy programme: Harry Hill's TV Burp Best TV comedy actress: Katherine Parkinson: IT Crowd Best TV comedy actor: Simon Bird: The Inbetweeners
This run will include 25 episodes, including a review of 2008 over the Christmas holiday period and - for the first time - four extra shows in the New Year bring together the best all time TV Burp moments.
Frustration ultimately turned to inspiration and she decided to create a line of trend-setting baby blankets and matching burp cloths to fill this unmet market need.
But some geologists remained baffled by the biogenic burp -- the only known nonpetroleum methane to seep into Los Angeles schools -- emanating from the rocky alluvium spilled from nearby hills.
The world record for the loudest burp registers 118.
Sometimes eating or drinking too fast can bring on a burp.
So you're in church in Nevada--and you let out an intentional burp.
The owners of Pixiedust manufacture fanciful burp cloths that will brighten any mother's day.
In the case of a pressure pour that does not tilt, the lowest level to which the metal can be lowered is the burp level, at which point the pressurizing gas escapes via the fill and poursiphons.
Sourcing of the ACE Adjustment: The alternative minimum tax rules should be amended to provide a simplifying rule with regard to the adjusted current earnings preference, similar to that provided in respect of the BURP preference of former section 59(a)(1)(C).
Featuring enchanting scenes from Disney's rich heritage of stories, characters and art portrayed in an understated fashion, the collections will offer cashmere blankets, hooded robes and mittens, bibs and burp cloths, organic cotton tees, cardigans, and casual separates.
COMEDIAN Harry Hill has ruled out bringing back hit show TV Burp and says being in front of the cameras makes him "grumpy".
Joined by showband The Harry's, there's a section exclusively for Tongans, a chance to catch up on Harry's Nan's latest ailments, the legendary Stouffer the Cat and a debut solo stand-up spot by Gary, Harry's son from his first marriage and recognisable for his role as Alan Sugar in Harry Hill's TV Burp.