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This series might be a journey back in time but it has a burningly relevant message at its core.
The official Soviet approach to icons was burningly hostile, particularly when active living memory of their meaning and use was still strong.
Studying Eliza's character, Altamese Purify Hamilton concludes that she is "burningly isolated" and "unknown" (43).
Musically and lyrically, Lennon and his band remain both artistically potent and burningly insightful, whereas Oasis merely pass the time.
No doubt, he loved the fact that although these images were separated by seventy years, his black eyes seem more burningly focused, more laserlike, in the later image.
In some of the faithful God seats himself more, in others less, in so far as they love him more burningly or tepidly': Super Apocalypsim, p.
He is so burningly athirst for the kingdom that he cannot be bothered with fine food and stylish clothing [or expensive travel]." This chapter is the closest Dubay comes to harshness, and he concludes it tersely with: "When people eat and drink well, whom do they usually invite?