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However, a statewide moratorium on burning wood from C&D debris is in effect until July 1, while a committee studies the effects of burning such material, according to the report.
This harsh locale might seem a strange destination for a hedonistic pilgrimage, yet the masses flock to it for the annual, ephemeral manifestation of Burning Man, a weeklong festival that is also, on many levels, a huge art event.
There are dozens of coal fires burning out of control in Pennsylvania alone; worldwide, there could be hundreds of thousands.
This is Burning Man, the world's biggest and wackiest annual summer camp, where artists, performers and business professionals from all over come to frolic, commune with nature and forget corporate life during the last week of August.
Racist groups have long used burning crosses among their symbols, and to intimidate blacks, Jews, and other minority groups.
The idea that low intensity aerobic activities are better for fat burning than high intensity exercise was given credence when several research studies indicated that low intensity activities burned a greater percentage of fat calories than high intensity activities.
We recently moved to a community where routine outdoor burning of leaves and trash is very irritating to my throat.
Certainly, Burning Man has changed from a truly anarchistic event--an anything-goes party of pyrotechnics and drive-by shooting ranges done off the grid, with no official approval sought and none granted--into a limited-liability corporation that charges admission and devotes a huge amount of resources to placating government agencies at all levels.
This spring, Jim Brenner will lead hundreds of men and women in burning more than 2 million acres of Florida pine forests.
Critics are concerned that if burning collected material were to become more prevalent, there would he less incentive to take the trouble to recycle.
Moreover, the solid component of a hybrid needs to be molded into complicated and often fragile shapes to provide a great enough surface area for burning.
Because it's often difficult to build roads up mountainsides to reach lodgepole forests, and because the relatively small-diameter tree is not worth much at the mill, society seldom takes much notice of stand-replacement burns in lodgepole pine forests--unless a national park is burning.