burn your boats

burn (one's) boats

To do something that cannot be easily undone or reversed in the future. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think you burned your boats when you announced you were quitting and proceeded to insult your boss in front of the whole staff. She's young, so I don't think she realizes that she'll be burning her boats if she goes to work for their competitor.
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burn your boats (or bridges)

commit yourself irrevocably.
In a military campaign, burning your boats or bridges would make escape or retreat impossible.
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Burn your boats, said Tariq bin Ziyad while addressing his small army after entering Spain through sea in 711 A.D.
Addressing a programme of National University of Modern Languages (Numl) at Royal Palm Club, Imran Khan said the secret to success in achieving big goals is to 'burn your boats'.
So think very carefully before you burn your boats. It seems too much of a risk to me.
To burn your boats with your wife and then put your life into the hands of a career-minded, jet-setting female executive is not just childish, it's irresponsible.
'But it is also liberating to burn your boats and speak out publicly on what you believe in.
Then get to know your American chum a lot better before you burn your boats.