burn with

burn with (something)

1. Literally, to burn in a particular manner or way. The strong winds caused the fire to burn with a great roar.
2. By extension, to strongly feel a certain emotion. Pete's burning with anger because he heard the awful things that people are saying about him. I found myself burning with jealousy the first time I saw my ex-boyfriend with his new boyfriend.
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burn with something

1. [for a fire] to burn with a particular quality. The building burned with great ferocity. The fire burned with a lot of crackling and popping.
2. [for someone] to experience intense and consuming feelings of a particular quality. Fred is just burning with anger. Why is he burning with envy?
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References in classic literature ?
"Then to the yard with the whole of them," said the curate; "for to have the burning of Queen Pintiquiniestra, and the shepherd Darinel and his eclogues, and the bedevilled and involved discourses of his author, I would burn with them the father who begot me if he were going about in the guise of a knight-errant."
I leap with thee; I burn with thee; would fain be welded with thee; defyingly I worship thee!
P###Protect burn with sterile dressing###21(6.8%) applied sterile dressing on burn area.
Specialized care for burn with disability limitations and rehabilitations along with political commitment and strict policies for women is necessary to improve the quality of life of burn victims.
According to the American Burn Association, liquids hotter than 68 degree Celsius can cause a severe burn with just one second of exposure.
There was no significant statistical difference in the percentage of burn with gender difference (p value: 0.363).
Treatment for this injury should follow the recommended practice: Cool the burn with water until the part is pain free (at least 10 minutes).
After you've done your best to reduce the surface temperature of the burned area, she says, "Gently cover the burn with a cool, damp towel and get the animal to the nearest vet as soon as possible."
* Cover the burn with a sterile, non-adhesive bandage or clean, lint-free cloth.
In order to maintain sequoia abundance, therefore, we may have to let at least some managed fires burn with patchy high intensity.