burn with

burn with (something)

1. Literally, to burn in a particular manner or way. The strong winds caused the fire to burn with a great roar.
2. By extension, to strongly feel a certain emotion. Pete's burning with anger because he heard the awful things that people are saying about him. I found myself burning with jealousy the first time I saw my ex-boyfriend with his new boyfriend.
See also: burn

burn with something

1. [for a fire] to burn with a particular quality. The building burned with great ferocity. The fire burned with a lot of crackling and popping.
2. [for someone] to experience intense and consuming feelings of a particular quality. Fred is just burning with anger. Why is he burning with envy?
See also: burn
References in classic literature ?
Then to the yard with the whole of them," said the curate; "for to have the burning of Queen Pintiquiniestra, and the shepherd Darinel and his eclogues, and the bedevilled and involved discourses of his author, I would burn with them the father who begot me if he were going about in the guise of a knight-errant.
I leap with thee; I burn with thee; would fain be welded with thee; defyingly I worship thee