burn (one's) fingers

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burn (one's) fingers

To suffer an unpleasant or ruinous consequence (especially the loss of money) for some action, often such that one becomes unwilling or reluctant to do it again. During the boom times, countless would-be investors put everything they owned into shady investment deals, and most of them ended up burning their fingers badly.
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burn one's fingers

Harm oneself, as in I'm staying away from risky stocks; I've burned my fingers often enough. Some believe this expression came from a legend about a monkey who gets a cat to pull its chestnuts out of the fire (see cat's paw); others hold it is from an English proverb: "Burn not thy fingers to snuff another's candle" (James Howell, English Proverbs, 1659). [c. 1700]
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burn your fingers (or get your fingers burned/burnt)

suffer unpleasant consequences as a result of your actions.
1998 Times An American buyer remains a possibility, although it is not entirely clear why any would want to risk getting their fingers burnt twice.
See also: burn, finger
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US legal sanctions on 3rd parties Possibility of US to control and block SWIFT system for Iran Coordination with Arab OPEC producers Willingness of Asian countries not to get into a real conflict with the US EU has no influence at all, Brussels and governments can talk and put in place whatever they want, internationally operating companies in Europe will not burn their fingers on Iran.
Those playing the stocks can burn their fingers through recklessness.
They burn their fingers on oven hobs or remove skin using acid, blades or polyurethane glue, sources in the French port town say.
Mr Woods punters burn their fingers MR WOODS looked to have matters under full control for most of the way in the 2m4f beginners' chase at Carlisle and, as he powered on travelling strongly under rider James Reveley, in-running punters piled in, seeing him hit a low of 1.16 on the approach to the second-last.
"The word scottadito means finger-burning, and gives an idea of how tasty these grilled lamb chops are - people burn their fingers because they can't bear to wait for them to cool a little before plucking them from the grill!"
With so many operators going into Croatia this summer that somemay burn their fingers, leading direct sell operator Archers Direct is linking the splendid Croatian coastline of the Istrian Riviera with Venice.
Fire ranger backers burn their fingers in 100-1 shocker