burn into

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burn in(to) (something)

1. To use heat to engrave or etch something into a material. We need to burn in the letters first, then you can work on the rest of your design.
2. To cause to leave a lasting imprint on someone or something. Unfortunately, the image of you two kissing is now burned into my memory! Gross! This material needs to be burned into your mind before the big test.
3. To cause to remain permanently visible on a screen, as can happen when an image has been continuously displayed on a screen for a long period of time. That image could get burned into the TV if you leave the movie paused for much longer.
4. To use light exposure to darken or lighten areas of a photograph or negative. Now burn in the shadows on this side of the picture.
5. To use a new piece of electronic equipment for a certain period of time to confirm that it works properly. We definitely need to burn in this new server before we put it online.
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burn something into something

 and burn something in 
1. Lit. to engrave, brand, or etch marks or letters into something by the use of great heat. She burned her initials into the handle of the umbrella. She burned in her initials.
2. Fig. to implant something firmly in someone's head, brain, memory, etc. She burned the information into her head. The events of the day burned in sad memories.
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burn into

Make an indelible impression on, as in An event like the Holocaust burns into the minds of all the survivors, or The scene was burned into her memory. This expression alludes to such processes as etching or engraving, where a caustic substance bites into a solid plate to make a design. [Early 1800s]
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