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big and burly

Large, strong, and imposing in size and stature. I know that Mike looks big and burly, but he's one of the gentlest people I've ever met.
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A wild and chaotic situation. Boy, it was a real hurly burly in there once the kids started tearing into their Christmas presents.

hurly burly

A noisy confusion. To hurl is to throw, and “hurly burly” is based on the image of a mob throwing things around chaotically. The phrase appears in the opening scene of Shakespeare's Macbeth when the witches chant, “When shall we three meet again / In thunder, lightning, or in rain? / When the hurlyburly's done, / When the battle's lost and won.”
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Shortly a council van arrived with two burly officials aboard, they got out and ambled off, ignoring the two dogs frolicking on the beach.
Andre-Pierre |Gignac is just the sort of burly target man Albion are crying out for
The self-titled book The Burly Man, gives the reader an in-depth look at what it is like to be faced with something so life changing as an incurable disease.
Det Con Paddy Connell said: "The boy is slight in build and was chased and beaten by burly men.
Small for his age, Forest is often picked on by his peers, and feels the need to live up to his burly father's image.
99) revolves mainly around a burly Madrid dentist who has to leave behind his ursine pursuits when he suddenly finds himself raising his young nephew, but this sweet comedy takes a few carnal detours as the DDS finds action at the bathhouse and under the right bridge.
And the shocking miracle of food, the rich salty seas of soups, the brawny burly honesty of bread, the cheer of beer, the startling greenness of beans and peas, the hilarious fluorescent orange of carrots, the steaming ears of corn in the shape of summer, the meats that muscle us, the sweet holy perfect water we sip.
But the bagsnatchers were not burly criminals, they were massive juggernaut lorries which squeezed their way through the narrow streets, causing shoppers to jump for their lives.
The initiative organised by the Safety Camera Partnership certainly made a change from a burly policeman and, with human nature as it is, it probably made a much bigger impact on errant motorists.
But stand-off Adam Cawley and burly right-wing Danny Hendricks crossed for the Bulldogs.
Whatever, click on 'Collaborators' and there is a burly Ken Mackay in a black t-shirt and trainers making a series of expressive but ultimately baffling gestures.
One entrepreneur, a burly fellow named Richard, explained with a Southern twang that his business--which provides support staff for the CPA--gets preferential treatment because he's part Cherokee.
The burly guest fell asleep against a door and staff at Swansea's Oxwich Bay Hotel were unable to open it.
The prince,now a vice-admiral in the Royal Navy, was attending the premiere of Master and Commander,in which Crowe plays burly British naval captain Jack Aubrey in the naval epic set in the Napoleonic War.