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One of the final passages from this Latin section describes the sense of burial in the university that the buried invective performs as a protest against the perceived buriers:
They were brought to the cemetery and many were not buried due to the tiredness of the buriers. It is registered that an average of 500 individuals died a day; however, the numbers must have been much higher, because around the city, into the bushes and into closed houses where whole families had died, bodies were found in a state of putrefaction."
bishops' doctrinal committee has not declared that statues promote "the realm of superstition, the no man's land that is neither faith nor science." If a poll were taken, though, I'll bet it would be found that the church has more saint rubbers and Joseph buriers seeking good luck than users of Reiki seeking relief from pain.
Young (1978) reported, in laboratory tests of necrophagous scarabaeines that ball-rolling species consistently outcompeted species that butt food overland ("butters") or bury food at or near the food source ("buriers").
tests what he hears against what he sees and knows: his convictions and experience go against the truth, or at least the generality, of the reports of deliberate infection or, elsewhere, of the buriers stealing the clothes of the dead (p.
In "The Burners, the Buriers," the speaker catalogues the instructions various writers have left for the posthumous disposal of their work.