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cat burglar

A thief who breaks into premises in very stealthy ways so as not to be detected, especially by climbing through upper windows, climbing across roofs, etc. The notorious cat burglar has so far robbed over a dozen homes in the area. In each case, the owners were home and had no idea someone had entered the building until the next morning.
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time burglar

A person or thing that distracts or takes time from more useful or productive activities. I'm trying to catch up on work after being out sick, but my inbox is such a time burglar. I'll call my mom back later—she can be a real time burglar, and I need to finish up this essay.
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The important factors driving the global burglar alarm market growth include the popularity of smart homes and adoption of smartphones as well as smart devices.
According to police, sometime around dawn , the man was still asleep in the bedroom of his home but woke up after hearing a noise, only to find the burglar there.
Now, eighteen years after the movie was released, Culkin, who recently brought his iconic character back to life in a Google commercial, humorously said he felt bad that he is the reason why some burglars opt not to take their chances on Christmas, through a Twitter post last Sunday, Dec.
When the occupier of the home is able to call out to him through a security app on his phone to which the doorbell is connected, the burglar replies in a Liverpudlian accent.
The first section of the report covers the detailed overview of burglar alarm including its scope, why it is used, product type, etc.
REWARDS of up to PS1,000 are on offer for people who help police catch burglars.
Personal information, helpful to burglars, is being posted on social media accounts through status updates, photographs, and location tags according to home security company Safe Shop.
He surprised the burglar, who turned, shocked, and screamed: "I'm sorry, sir, I'm so sorry!"--then dove headfirst out the window.
Wood saidthe burglar has to be the world's dumbest criminal."
I have been planning to write about this topic for a long time, but I really did not dare to confess my feelings, which are scary and not humanistic at all, when it comes to deciding on a penalty for a burglar or a thief.
The resident acted as soon as he saw the burglar who was holding the shotgun look away.