burden (someone) with (something)

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burden (someone) with (something)

To share something distressing or troublesome with another person. I'm sorry to burden you with my problems, but I could really use some advice here. Don't burden her with that information now—wait until she's done with her exams.
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burden someone or something with someone or something

to bother or weigh down someone or something with someone or something. Please don't burden us with the bad news at this time. I don't want to burden the school with a troublesome child.
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burden someone with something

to give unpleasant information to someone; to give someone some bad news. I hate to burden you with this, but your cat ran away. I wish I had not been burdened with all the facts.
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I remember at Christmas in 2014 she came home and I didn't think she was very well but she never wanted to burden us with her tumour so we never really talked about it much.
Islamic law, therefore, does not burden us with that which would exceed our capabilities.
Developments of the pending Brexit burden us with many worries.
Her brother Drew said: "She didn't want to burden us with talking about her death but I promised her I would always be there to make sure her kids were OK.
"This will be a development on our doorstep so it's unfair to burden us with more passengers without offering any more."
And why are we allowing a self-indulgent, narcissistic president to burden us with his parade?
Our 51st State will not burden us with debt or taxes to our impregnable system of free government.
'I believe that the Lord will not burden us with challenges that we cannot cope up with,' she added.
"I hope the government intervenes to protect us from the prices rise, which will severely burden us with more loads as our income are weak and unstable."
I dare say many who attended the motor event don't even live in Coventry, but are happy to burden us with the disruption.
"But they never pay heed to our needs and always burden us with new taxes or duties," he added.
"We would like to clarify that our consent in the House to appoint the CCB's board does not burden us with responsibility for its decisions with regard to restructuring the organisation," DISY said.
This spring has been a bit psychotic, quite likely on any given day to burden us with snow as it is to shower us with sunshine, and yet when it is true to its nature, like it was Tuesday, it is intoxicating and irresistible in its call to flower bulbs and the young alike.
Perhaps the federal government doesn't wish to burden us with details, seeing how fatigued we are with consultation, at least according to Joe Oliver, minister of Natural Resources, who recently announced his intention to revamp the environmental assessment process, presurnaby to help friend Enbridge through a difficult time during its review process for the Northern Gateway project.
"We are also extremely fortunate we have a manager who doesn't burden us with pressure.