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bear the burden (of something)

To endure something distressing, painful, stressful, or emotionally or physically taxing, especially for the sake of others. Our mother bore the burden of this farm for 53 years until the day she died. My partner quit his job to stay home with the baby, so I have to bear the burden of earning enough to pay the mortgage.
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burden of proof

The requirement and obligation of providing sound, reasonable evidence supporting a charge or allegation. Originating and used primarily in law, it can be applied more broadly to any situation in which a contentious dispute arises. In court, the burden of proof always rests on the plaintiffs and the prosecutors. The burden of proof is on you to show that the computer was broken before you bought it.
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beast of burden

A domesticated animal used by humans to carry or pull heavy loads. Camels have been used by people as beasts of burden for thousands of years because of their size, strength, and ability to travel long distances with minimal need for food and water.
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burden (someone) with (something)

To share something distressing or troublesome with another person. I'm sorry to burden you with my problems, but I could really use some advice here. Don't burden her with that information now—wait until she's done with her exams.
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the white man's burden

offensive The belief of white European colonizers that they had a moral obligation to enforce their culture, religion, and ethics on the indigenous populations they enslaved or conquered. It's clear that the minister, a dinosaur in his belief, still holds onto the notion of the white man's burden when the topic of African and Middle Eastern refugees comes up.
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burden someone or something with someone or something

to bother or weigh down someone or something with someone or something. Please don't burden us with the bad news at this time. I don't want to burden the school with a troublesome child.
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burden someone with something

to give unpleasant information to someone; to give someone some bad news. I hate to burden you with this, but your cat ran away. I wish I had not been burdened with all the facts.
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burden of proof

Obligation of proving a disputed charge or allegation. For example, Are you sure you mailed the tax return on time? The burden of proof's on you. A legal term dating from the late 1500s, it has also been used more loosely in recent times.
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the white man's burden

the task, believed by white colonizers to be incumbent upon them, of imposing Western civilization on the black inhabitants of European colonies. dated
The white man's burden comes from Rudyard Kipling's poem of that title ( 1899 ), originally referring specifically to the United States' role in the Philippines.
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