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The suburbs. I'm not ready to give up city life and move to the burbs just yet.
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n. a suburb. (Usually plural.) I’ve lived in the burbs all my life.

burbed out

mod. looking very middle-class and suburban; decked out like a suburban citizen. She’s all burbed out with new clothes and a fancy car.
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With the engine brought back to life (after several backfires that probably kept the local police on edge), the Burb was used to mow the easement--but the old drivability issues returned.
Why they're never leaving: A community-oriented plan with garages on rear alleys and front porches (common traits of many successful towns; see "Building a Better Burb," page 106).
We love to create cool spots in places that are different and a little removed from your 'typical' restaurant spots, Muchachas is no exception - tucked away in the burbs away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
But Gareth wants a big family home out in the burbs.
I counted three pronouncements of the word as the ladies head to the Philly burbs to clean out Abbi's childhood bedroom or, as Ilana calls it, "the Holocaust Museum of Abbi Abrams," with Holocaust Museums being the only kind the Wexler family ever visited.
Kelly Sirois of North Atlanta Burbs - Keller Williams Realty Partners is located at 220 Heritage Walk, Suite 101 Woodstock, GA.
Still, I would like to see even more editorial content for and about people who can't--or don't want to--escape the city or the burbs, but who want to recycle, live organically, plant gardens in vacant lots, and get some of their electricity from renewable sources.
The scene is thus set for Sherri's harrowing return to civilization, including the and the memory of the body of a dead man, fresh in her mind, civilization in this case being two miles from the Gulf of Mexico where she and Clay live "in splendid isolation in the burbs from hell because someone had defaulted on a brand-new house.
When he left the burbs for NYC, he figured his trailer home experience would make redecorating his tiny, 300-square-foot apartment a cinch, but he quickly found that while most downtown people relied on New York brands like Hood by Air and Supreme to keep them looking good in the streets, shopping on a budget left everyone outfitting their apartments with the same cheap chain store designs that were available back in Washington state.
Our hero Nathan Wavelsky moves into the burbs with his wife.
I grew up on a farm in Central Pennsylvania until I was 10, when I moved to the burbs.
He said that working for a large firm with hundreds of attorneys was "killing" his billing structure amd moving to the burbs just made economic sense.
Top 20 Apartment Investment Markets RANKINGS 2007 2008 2009 2010 MARKET 2010 SALES VOLUME YOY CHANGE 1 1 2 1 Manhattan 7 2 1 2 Los Angeles 20 3 8 3 DC VA burbs 2 5 4 4 Dallas 5 11 3 5 Houston 4 8 7 6 NYC Boroughs 18 5 5 7 Phoenix 8 14 17 8 OC MD burbs 3 4 6 9 Atlanta 25 21 10 10 Orange Co 6 7 12 11 Seattle 9 9 9 12 Chicago 61 23 41 13 DC 13 12 11 14 San Diego 23 30 13 15 Tampa 48 29 28 16 Broward 16 28 16 17 Orlando 22 10 18 18 Boston 51 35 30 19 Palm Beach 24 20 21 20 San Francisco
Director Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Burbs, Small Soldiers) hits all the right frights in this tale about a bottomless pit in the basement of a suburban home.