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The suburbs. I'm not ready to give up city life and move to the burbs just yet.
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n. a suburb. (Usually plural.) I’ve lived in the burbs all my life.

burbed out

mod. looking very middle-class and suburban; decked out like a suburban citizen. She’s all burbed out with new clothes and a fancy car.
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With the engine brought back to life (after several backfires that probably kept the local police on edge), the Burb was used to mow the easement--but the old drivability issues returned.
The story behind the burb: A onetime oil and citrus town, Brea's downtown went into a decades-long decline after a regional mall opened.
Top-flight editing and a pace that never falters help "Desire" movingly tell the stories of its five subjects: two young women from the Desire housing project, two from a prestigious New Orleans high school and one single mother from the working class burb of Belle Chase.
Taking you right through until 5am with James Zabiela, Weaver Bros, Luke Wolfman, Mylo Harvey, Charlie LBC and Dirty Burb. Cirque Du Soul is a travelling collective energy of colour, magic and dance.
Exclusive parties to attend included Burb erry's fragrance launch, the Ralph Lauren Home VIP party,Elle magazine's 18th Birthday and Yves Saint Laurent `Rive Gauche' London flagship boutique celebrating the latest Rive Gauche Pour Homme scent.
beach 'burb in "Hawaiian Gardens," a defiantly weird jeu by director Percy Adlon that continues his personal take on U.S.-German cultural confrontations.
3 p.m.: West Burb Weiners' Doxie races in the demo field
You also can count on a Cinderella storyline when West Burb Wieners host the races at Cantigny's Dog Days event Saturday.
if the cap fits: Whatever the event, Jordan ticks all the boxes when it comes to Chav style; WAY OFF TRACK: Chav queen Coleen McLoughlin in her shapeless tracksuit is living proof that not even Wayne's millions can buy you style; BABY BURB: "Being a Chav isn't bad," says Danniella Westbrook; CHECK IT OUT: Little by little, even Liam Gallagher has gone Chav; BLue note: Someone point Simon in the direction of a mirror; COME BACK KERRY: Ms Katona should go back to her glamorous old self - right now|!; SWAMPED: I'm A Celebrity star Brian Harvey looks a little lost in his baggy Chav tracksuit
You also can count on a Cinderella storyline when West Burb Wieners hosts the races at Cantigny's Dog Days event Saturday.
Rejected by her older lover, Bernard (Serge Hazanavicius), after surprising him at work, 19-year-old Anne-Sophie (Audrey Tautou) follows him home to a low-rent 'burb. Determined to hang herself in a nearby gym, she's rescued by 18-year-old Lea (Bonamy) and her bookish younger sister, Aurelie (Ade-Pasdeloup), who routinely fleece men via an ingenious pickpocket scam.
All West 'Burb Wordplay events are open to the public.
The West 'Burb Wordplay in Elgin is held on the third Friday of every month.
Darkly handsome, perpetually broke Loic (Jeannick Gravelines) comes from a working-class 'burb on the outskirts of Paris but has been making inroads with the capital's beautiful people, thanks to his fashion and fine art photography.
Set in an unnamed 'burb, story revolves around Jack Crawford (Palmieri), a handsome young man who, domineered by his mom, spends most of his time alone in his room.