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buoy up

1. To physically support and elevate someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "buoy" and "up." My daughter needs floaties to buoy her up in the pool.
2. To emotionally support someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "buoy" and "up." I can always count on my friends to buoy me up during tough times.
3. To bolster or strengthen someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "buoy" and "up." They're counting on the popular young actor's endorsement to really buoy up their campaign.
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buoy someone or something up

to keep someone or something afloat. Use this cushion to buoy yourself up. The log buoyed up the swimmer until help came. The air trapped in the hull buoyed the boat up.
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buoy someone up

Fig. to support, encourage, or sustain someone. The good news buoyed her up considerably. Her good humor buoyed up the entire party.
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buoy up

1. To keep something or someone aloft or afloat: Air currents helped buoy up the glider. The life jacket buoyed me up until I was rescued.
2. To keep something at a high level; support something: The advertising campaign buoyed up their sales through the summer. The athlete's endorsement buoyed the politician up.
3. To hearten or inspire someone or something: The cheering fans buoyed up the team's spirit. Your kind words have buoyed me up.
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I never run past a crab buoy without looking at it.
There are fishing seasons and there are maintenance seasons for buoys.
Once a link between the buoy and the command center is established, it then lowers an antenna deep into the water.
The contract, valued at approximately USD50m, covers the installation of a dual Submerged Turret Loading (STL) buoy system for the Neptune LNG Deepwater Port terminal off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the US.
SRI's wave-powered generators can be deployed on existing ocean buoys that use batteries as their energy source.
A fully equipped ASIMET buoy is a far cry from a lobster trap or channel marker.
People watch from the shore (below) as the whale struggles to escape after being caught by a buoy rope off Penrhyn Bay Pictures: RICHARD WILLIAMS
org, or use the Dial-A-Buoy service that operates in conjunction with the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA) National Data Buoy Center's (NDBC) Dial-A-Buoy service.
The buoy - which is made of gun metal and stood about five feet high suspended from a steel frame - was taken some time between last Saturday night and Sunday morning from its location at the corner of Cleveland Road and West View Road.
Once you spot a tripletail, bring the motor to a slow crawl idle, position the boat down current and/or down wind of the buoy and get only as close as you need to confirm they are still "on" the buoy.
While the Fluor Corporation from Texas had provided overall engineering and construction management, a marine engineering company named the Hood Corporation from Whittier, California, was responsible for installing submarine pipelines and a crude oil unloading buoy mooring system.
Tenders are invited for At Present A Requirement Exists For The Supply Of One Metocean Buoy Platform For The Irish National Weather Buoy Network (Inwbn).
3 foot wave in the North Atlantic measured by a buoy just broke a world record as the largest ever recorded, the (http://public.
Four-year-old Ollie was with his owner at Rocky Coast, near Holyhead, on Monday when he mistook a lobster-pot buoy for a ball and swam out to try to retrieve it.
by outdoor writer and accomplished angler Larry Ellis is a comprehensive study on the Columbia River's world-famous Buoy 10.