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So, while you're coloring Easter eggs or indulging on chocolate bunnies this Easter, you can think about the origins of the tradition.
The couple 25 years ago had two outdoor bunnies when their children were young, but the fancy passed and it wasn't until about five years ago they started their furry family.
Fold napkins to resemble bunnies. Place the napkin flat on table, and roll opposite corners to the center.
Golden honey or a chocolate brown fluffy toy bunnies from the Natural History Museum are suitable for children aged three+.
I can't wait to say we have a million bunnies," said Frazee.
If you would like to get your paws on a family of bunnies (4ins, 7ins and 10ins), and a selection of greetings cards, then we have 16 sets to give away to Chipper members in today's competition.
"Melynda, my five-year-old daughter, was so pleased that no-one had claimed the bunnies and pleaded with us to let her keep them.
Animator Jennifer Shiman's collection of 30-second re-enactments of Hollywood pics starring bunnies have become the latest Web phenom to grab popular attention and, now, a TV deal.
Also new is Blue Bunny Chocolate Bunny Tracks Premium ice cream, filled with Premium Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream, chocolate fudge sauce, peanut butter caramel ribbons, salty-sweet chocolate covered peanuts and mini peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies.
Dozens of readers offered Floppy a home and there are hundreds more bunnies looking for homes after being abandoned at Easter.
After about an hour of these activities, most of the children (including some whose high level of participation surprised the teacher) were quite efficient at playing the game, and they asked about finding two Bunnies.
Although he was past official retirement age, Thorson spent a few months quietly providing fuzzy bunnies and other cartoon creations for PGA's nationwide animated television commercials.
Munson's installation echoed these chilling rooms: around a child's bed were arranged small armchairs, a settee, and dressing tables, all with flowered upholstery; the room itself scattered with throw rugs and crammed with flowered cushions, bouquets of fake flowers, knickknacks, padded hangers, empty heart-shaped Valentine's Day boxes, and hundreds of small stuffed animals - mostly bunnies. A tent of stitched-together floral housedresses comprised the room's walls and ceiling, this patchwork of garments creating a metaphor for maternal surveillance.
The foundation published in 1994 a children's book about how the sweet Easter Bilby beat out greedy bunnies to replace the retiring Easter Bunny.