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spare at the spigot and spill at the bung

To be frugal with trivial matters and reckless with more significant ones. The phrase describes the incongruity of turning off water at the spigot but leaving the bung, or stopper, off the reservoir. A: "Dad never lets us turn the heat up in the winter because it's too expensive, yet he ignores any problem around the house until it becomes a major repair." B: "I know, he always spares at the spigot and spills at the bung." I know you like to spare at the spigot and spill at the bung, but you would save so much money in the long run if you got a new car, instead of repairing all these nagging issues.
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bung in

To force something into a place or thing. A noun can be used between "bung" and "in" or after "in." Don't just bung in the key—you might break the lock!
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bung up

To injure or damage someone or something. A noun can be used between "bung" and "up." That car accident really bunged my back up. My car is still bunged up from the accident—I really need to take it to the mechanic.
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bunged up

Injured or damaged. My back is still bunged up from that car accident a few months ago My car is all bunged up from the accident—I really need to take it to the mechanic.
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go bung

1. To die. Primarily heard in Australia, New Zealand. If people start to go bung, then we've got a real health crisis on our hands.
2. To fall apart or fail, especially financially. Primarily heard in Australia, New Zealand. Our business will go bung if we don't make some big sales this quarter.
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1. The mouth. I'll punch him right in the bunghole if he doesn't stop spreading such nasty rumors.
2. vulgar slang The anus.

bung something in

to cram or bang something into something. He bunged the cork into the barrel. With a heavy blow, he bunged in the cork.
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bung something up

to damage someone or something by blows. Don't let the watermelon roll around in the trunk of your car. You don't want to bung it up. Last time I put up the storm windows, I really bunged up my hands.
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bunged up

battered or bruised. It used to be a nice table, but it got all bunged up. What happened to Jane? Her face was bunged up.
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go bung

1 die. 2 fail or go bankrupt. Australian & New Zealand informal
In this sense bung comes from Yagara, an extinct Aboriginal language.
2 1951 J. Devanny Travel in North Queensland ‘The stations would go bung without the Abos’, one of the missionaries told me.
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1. n. the mouth. I’ve heard enough out of you! Shut your bunghole!
2. n. the anus. (Usually objectionable.) She tripped and fell down on her bunghole.
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JP-8 fuel causes the rubber in some bungs to swell.
Bung Mokhtar later said: "The court has made its decision.
If a manager does take a bung from an agent then he should be sacked, "insisted Robson.
The truth is, it is just a shameful political bung.
Mott MacDonald has offered construction supervision, contract management and specialist technical support to Electricity Vietnam, via its management unit Song Bung 4 Hydropower Management Board.
The full report from the inquiry is due out on Wednesday and suggestions that the FA's previous policies will be blamed for allowing a bung culture to thrive have caused a furious reaction.
SCOTTISH soccer bosses have launched twin high-level probes into bungs and racism north of the border, writes DAVID LEGGAT.
If a chairman is ever found accepting a bung then his club should be relegated either one or two divisions.
Was this figure grossly inflated by bungs to manager Micky Adams?
Soccer bung suspect Peter Harrison today said he will sue the BBC following the Panorama football corruption sting.
And Newell said he was also offered a bung if he signed former Cardiff City midfielder Richard Langley from Queens Park Rangers, even though the player was not represented by Collymore.
offers a full range of portable mixing equipment including gear drive bung entering mixers for mixing in closed drums and tanks.
Her Atti d'amore (Acts of love), 2002-2003, consists of sculptures of manta rays, snakes, dogs, dragonflies, and more, all made of gray felt and bung from elastic strings that give them the appearance of flying and also emphasize their erotic movement, their purely biological sexuality, in contrast to the human species, whose sexual relations are regulated by cultural and social norms.
The Football Association are to contact Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson over his revelations that he was offered a pounds 40,000 bung.