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One news story interpreted the lack of major contributions as a sign that the embarrassment caused by other big-donor nominees might lead to the avoidance of bundlers for a time.
A recently developed piece of equipment, the John Deere Slash Bundler, provides an alternative method to capture this otherwise nonmerchantable material and maximize the marketability and utilization of the entire tree.
But it seems advisable to do comprehensive screening of the biggest "bundlers," or aggregators, who raise huge sums from their personal and professional networks.
Perhaps it would benefit everyone if there were more Big Wilts and Benton Bundlers.
The second lesson is that campaign disclosure rules are woefully inadequate because they do not require any disclosure of bundlers. Any reporting now is voluntary and sketchy; the Clinton campaign, like others, does not make clear which bundlers have raised $100,000 and which brought in $850,000.
The screw slide is now a premium option on all three Classic bundler models.
One of the company's flagship products is the Classic Series of shrink bundlers. This pneumatically driven, PLC-controlled machine is designed for automatic shrink or stretch packaging of glass, plastic, or metal containers, as well as boxes or cartons, into pre-determined bundle configurations.
This interesting piece of evidence suggests also that Boaz and Ruth, as early as the seventeenth century, were perceived as the original "bundlers." In 1650 the Dutch artist Matthew Merian published his Bybel Printen, (70) an illustrated Bible with captions in Latin, German, English, and French, explanations in Dutch, and etchings by the artist to illustrate selected biblical scenes.
PC Free Inc, which bills itself as a strategic bundler of hardware, software, internet telephony and e-commerce, says it has secured $39m in private funding as it prepares to launch its service.
The company's Handy Bundler, billed as "the world's first handheld, tie-wrap dispenser," also has a variety of uses, including wrapping television cable and wires, tying garbage bags, supporting plants, securing luggage and preparing boxes for shipping.
David Bundler (the pseudonym of freelance writer Byrwec Ellison) has contributed "East of Java: An Ethnomusicological Adventure." This article gives an account of Bruce and Sheridan Fahnestock, who went to Java, Molucca, Banda, and Timor in February 1940.
When it completes an order, GCA recycles all of the wood scraps in a bundler, a device costing a hefty $100,000.
In early June, Trump appointed Dallas GOP bundler Ray Washburne to serve as president of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a government agency that directs private capital into the developing world.