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The contributors and bundlers are the largest group but comprise a bit less than half of the political appointees.
Nicholas Pritzker, who is part of the wealthy Pritzker family and is an investor in Tesla, is a direct relative of Penny Pritzker, one of Obama's biggest bundlers, according to the New York Times.
The John Deere Slash Bundler was originally designed to be used in applications with cut-to-length harvesting systems that require it to travel within a stand to collect the residues.
Bundlers will always be important, but campaigns' reliance on them is exacerbated by the need to collect ever-increasing amounts.
The screw slide is now a premium option on all three Classic bundler models.
One of the company's flagship products is the Classic Series of shrink bundlers.
But to many, his visit was more than anything a gesture to one of his biggest fundraisers, Jeffrey Katzenberg, even as the White House tried to argue that the DreamWorks CEO's role as a campaign bundler shouldn't disqualify his studio from being eligible for a presidential visit.
With more interest in using woody biomass as an energy resource, the John Deere 1490D slash bundler is gaining in popularity for extracting logging residues from harvest sites.
Also, a bundler "would jam and smash pacages, or the shrin film would brea on the way to the hardener, and units would fall on the floor.
Cable & Wireless Communications, Britain's biggest bundler of telecoms and cable television services, said the decision was "good news for consumers, and for competition and choice in the telephony and pay-TV markets".
One high-profile Texan, bundler Gene Powell of San Antonio, pulled out of hosting the San Antonio fundraiser, as previously reported by The Dallas Morning News.
Lynton, an enormously wealthy man and a major Obama bundler, has been rumored for an ambassadorship.
There is exactly one big Jewish Obama '08 bundler who isn't doing the same this year: Hollywood's very own David Geffen.
Film producer Harvey Weinstein, a bundler who's brought in more than 500,000 dollars in donation, was also seen at the event.