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The holluschickie just bundled off a few yards and sat staring stupidly.
7 WAYNE ROUTLEDGE A couple of lively moments, but far too often found himself easily bundled off the ball.
Then poor little prince Dauphin was bundled off and kidnapped by evil Rohan and his plasticmasked gang.
didn't take Dundee new boy Kevin Gomis to learn what Scottish football was all about as he writhed in agony on a ditch at Fir after being bundled off the pitch.
CALLUM MCGREGOR 6 Good run before being bundled off the ball but it broke to Forrest for opener.
Billy Paynter was bundled off the ball on halfway, the Pirates attacked quickly and Matty Taylor swept in from the edge of the area.
The 46-year-old was bundled off his chair and choked by a man with a goatee while his scarfaced accomplice wrestled the gold Yacht-Master from Roy's wrist.
Ten-year-old Lizzie and her brother, Peter, are bundled off to the countryside due to the increased German bombing of English towns during World War II.
He contended that the Brentford player had fouled Camsell when the referee's attention was distracted and recalled how he was arrested and bundled off to the dressing room.
Instead of the elderly being visited by a local GP and often supported at home, they are now bundled off to A&E, and hospitalised for days.
Content to stay on her sugar plantation in Jamaica, Amelia is surprised to find herself unceremoniously bundled off and bound for England to settle a legal inheritance dispute between her formidable father, Admiral Beckett, and the late Earl of Lockwood's brother, the dashing Captain Drake.
After being bundled off the ball by Andy Yiadom, even Lambs boss Dale Belford averted his gaze as Justin Richards struck a woeful penalty into the grateful arms of Bees keeper Nick Jupp.
He was bundled off the pitch by a steward and North may not even have been aware of who the intruder was.
Hutchings, who supported Labour before switching to the Conservatives, brandished a picture of her austistic son at Blair before being bundled off camera by security.
You don't want people coming to London thinking they've walked into a siege city, being filmed every 20 paces they take and being bundled off pavements," said Coe.