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During this time the company's daily newsletter (a Sprint broadcast FAX to locations around the country) included brief articles on various aspects of the new bundled services approach.
We were up and running with our new bundled services provider by the end of June.
However, the potential for growth of bundled services is only tepid at best, with just 14 percent of non-subscribers expecting to adopt them in the next year, the high-tech market research firm said.
With offices in Westwood, Massachusetts, and Parsippany, New Jersey, NYLIM Retirement Plan Services administers retirement programs for small, medium and large companies, multi-employer plans, and individuals throughout the United States, and is widely recognized for its leadership in bundled defined contribution and bundled defined benefit plans.
Multiplay Bundled Services 2006 Service Provider Analysis (IDC # 201727), examines penetration rates, product and service breadth, technology choices, partnerships and scale of the top 10 U.
Dunne said that the new unbundled data services are a logical extension of its bundled service plans and further expand the choice customers have in picking the services they want and need, from basic to premium.
The differentiator is that MegaModem Mach 20 comes bundled with our outstanding Cable TV programming and high-quality telephone service and is priced below what Verizon charges only for its high-speed data service.
Where does WLAN fit in the service provider vision of seamless connectivity and bundled services?
0 Bundled with NTA Thin Client Terminals Provides Affordable Thin Client Solution For Small and Medium-sized Organizations To Access Linux and Windows Applications.
TrueClose, LLC, provider of the proprietary, Web-based loan origination platform, has partnered with SharperLending LLC, provider of a secure Web-based platform that enables lenders to order, store and manage mortgage products from multiple vendors at a single point of entry, to offer TrueClose users access to credit reports, title and closing services and property valuation services through SharperLending's bundled services platform.
This report examines consumer attitudes toward carriers, their current bundling spending, and wishes for bundled services.
Devon IT is offering special introductory bundles that include NTA Virtual Office Citrix Appliance (with up to 75 access licenses) bundled with 25, 50 or 75 NTA 8010C thin client terminals.
The report, "Wireless in the Consumer Telecom Bundle: Discounts without Convergence" (#IN0502095MCM), covers the results of a survey that examines consumer attitudes toward carriers, their current bundling spending, and wishes for bundled services.