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ARSENAL: A bundle of energy, producing timely tackles as well as pace and flair in a truly continental Gunners attack.
Stephen - described as a bundle of energy and mischief - faced a daily cocktail of drugs, which finally took its toll.
He is a little bundle of energy, and on his day he is magnificent.
While fellow artists Nastja Sade Ronkko and Mancunian Luke Turner are quiet, the actor is a bundle of energy.
Kodjia's direct running often had the visitors back-pedalling, while Freeman was a bundle of energy in midfield.
7 Bundle of energy and took his try well RUKI TIPUNA.
CANCER June 22- July 22 You may find yourself a bundle of energy today.
A nd Ian Poulter is a a bundle of energy when you speak to him, you could feel the energy coming down the phone.
The boy has been recovering at a rehabilitation centre north of Melbourne and Leong said he was a bundle of energy and now able to live like other children his age.
Who better to fly in the face of the statistics than a 65–year–old Glaswegian bundle of energy who looks half her age, with a voice powerful enough to have drowned out the demolition of the Red Road flats?
Spaniard Soler is a bundle of energy on court and she may not afford Pironkova much time to settle on the Plexicushion.
Scrum-half Lee Rees was a bundle of energy and with fly-half Ian Brooks smooth in his distribution and decision making, the Drovers impressed hugely in the first half.
He's a bundle of energy, and because he hasn't featured for Warrington in Super League so far this season, he can't wait to get out there.