bundle into

bundle (someone) into (something)

1. To dress someone, typically a child, in heavy winter clothing or outerwear. It's freezing out, so bundle Janie into her parka, scarf, and boots—and don't forget her hat and gloves!
2. To help someone, typically a child, get into bed. When you bundle Janie into bed, don't forget her teddy bear.
See also: bundle

bundle someone into something

1. to put someone, usually a child, into heavy outdoor clothing. Bill bundled Billy into his parka. Tom bundled himself into his parka and opened the door to go out.
2. and bundle someone in to put someone, usually a child, into bed. She bundled Sarah into bed after reading her a story. June pulled the sheets back and bundled Sarah in.
See also: bundle
References in classic literature ?
I see you pitch your Bargeman's bundle into the river.