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I suppose what they're saying is that it's not PC anymore to have a builders' bum on a building site - but then again if you're going to have women going round like that it's the flip side of the coin, isn't it?
Shopworker Martin Stewart, 23, from Clydebank, gave the padded bum the seal of approval, and said: "It's all about the bum, you've got to have that ghetto booty.
Dr Holmes said: "The perfect male bum differs in overall shape.
A woman with this bum will see herself as passionate and very sexual.
I thought about getting my bum out but decided to spare Holly the front view SCHOFIELD
For the most part, scare tactics don't really work on us", said Tom Rinks, President and co-founder of Sun Bum, "not for smoking, religion, or even sunscreen.
Helen Connolly, head of buying, said: "Our Great Bum Briefs plump up flat bottoms to help create a shapely silhouette.
From the front cover of bums and a back cover of a gross looking toilet, you can choose to pick up this book or not.
We said 'hi', she was wearing one of my sister's Project D dresses, which was lovely, we were chatting and then I just blurted out about our bums.
discusses [innovations in] hypnotic treatment of the pain associated with bums and their care / the nature of bum pain / cognitions and suggestions / general considerations for the use of hypnosis with bum pain [review of the literature on hypnosis in bum treatment, response to hypnotic suggestions, bum wound healing, contraindications for hypnotic treatment] / applications of hypnosis to bum care [preparing the patient, the emergency room, the intensive care unit, acute care, long-term rehabilitation]
Joseph Bums, managing principal in the Chicago office of Thornton Tomasetti, has been selected to receive the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.
They're about to make series two and are now looking for bums to pinch.
Tattooed, bearded and pierced, Corona still looks tough on the diamond and he proved to be a hardened competitor as he suited up Saturday with the Park Bums, a San Fernando-based squad of ex-cons, former gangsters and neighborhood guys.
Doing Nothing: A History Of Loafers, Loungers, Slackers, And Bums In America by Tom Lutz is the true story of the American anti-work ethic from Benjamin Franklin's "air baths" to Jack Kerouac's dharma bums to the notorious slackers of Generation X to doctors declaring the medical problems of overwork and much more.