bum (something)

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bum (something)

To borrow or use something that belongs to someone else. Hey, can I bum a pen?
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Feeling sad. I've been bumming ever since my boyfriend broke up with me.
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bummed (out)

Sl. discouraged; depressed. I feel so bummed. I think I need a nice hot bath. When you're feeling bummed out, think how much you've accomplished.
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1. n. a vagrant; a good-for-nothing. You had better get your finances in order unless you want to become a bum.
2. mod. bad; faulty. This is a bum fuse. No wonder it won’t run.
3. Go to bum something (off someone).

bum something

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See also: bum


mod. down; depressed; suffering from something disagreeable. (Collegiate.) I’m really bumming. I think I need somebody to talk to.
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If you spill or contact a chemical that bums, wash it immediately with lots of water.
Those London women are full of confidence about their bottoms, being 10 times more likely to vote their bum their best feature.
This is certainly the most prestigious award I've been given but it was a surprise, especially as I've got a big bum.
And, a hospital stay, averaging 6 nights, was reported by one-sixth of those sustaining heat bums.
Anybody who has seen clips of TV shows broadcast in Brazil will know how much bare flesh is on display before teatime - and Miss Bum Bum certainly lives up to the tradition.
Lucky Marta is a perfect size 8 and has never had so much as a "does my bum look big in this?
Weight problems have moved from beer bellies to affect bums, hips and thighs, it was suggested.
It's quite ironic really, because a couple of weeks ago that AMEC banned builders' bums on their sites.
Phillip said yesterday: "I thought about getting my own bum out, but then I was offered a bum double and I decided that I'd follow in the footsteps of David Beckham and spare Holly the view from the front.
The High Priest of bum lifts is Dr Thomas Roberts the Third.
Many of us are looking for ways to make our bums look smaller - but nowadays some women actually wish they had curvier backsides.
Underneath the snaps a message says: "Five lovely bums for your consideration.
Sun Valley Park Bums advance:The Sun Valley Park Bums, a youth baseball team made up of local 10-year-olds, has advanced to the AAU World Series in August in Kansas after beating the Moreno Valley Cardinals 15-5 in a qualifying tournament.
And she added: "I think most women in Glasgow wouldn't need it as they've all got big bums anyway.
SANTA PAULA - The Santa Paula Theater Center will hold open auditions April 24 and 25 for its upcoming production of ``Bleacher Bums,'' a comedy focusing on a group of Cubs fans on a Wrigley Field bleacher.