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a bumpy ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a rough ride!
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give (one) a bumpy ride

To cause one trouble with some activity or pursuit. Graduate school really gave her a bumpy ride, but she was working a full-time job too.
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have a bumpy ride

To have trouble with some activity or pursuit. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're going to have a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride


a bumpy ride

COMMON If someone has a rough ride or a bumpy ride, they experience a lot of problems or opposition when they are trying to do something. The Prime Minister is likely to face a rough ride in parliament today from the opposition. The proposed changes are not popular with all of the board and the chief executive's bumpy ride is far from over. Note: You can say that someone has an easy ride, meaning that they do not experience many problems or much opposition. You don't come into politics expecting an easy ride.
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a rough (or easy) ride

a difficult (or easy) time doing something.
See also: ride, rough

give somebody/have a bumpy ˈride

make a situation difficult for somebody; have a difficult time: The business has had a bumpy ride over the last twelve months, but profits are growing again now.
See also: bumpy, give, have, ride, somebody
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The water flowed faster down the smooth hill than the bumpy hill.
The landing strip, no more than half a mile from the camp is less bumpy than some and is one of perhaps two dozen spread around the huge reserve 200 miles long and 50 miles wide.
NASDA and National Aeronautical Laboratory engineers added some modifications to the vehicle to reduce the bumpy effects.
Not only is Goodyear the first tire company to use bumpy bar codes, it is the first company in any industry to use the technology on a large scale.
Professional trials rider James Dabill handed Charlie his awards at a Bumpy end of season presentation this week.
It s such a bumpy track and the ride on our car was quite poor," Hamilton told reporters in the paddock at the Singapore Grand Prix.
It was bumpy and windy and didn't make for good football.
Flacks didn't match her 2005 finish, when she finished 25th to earn All- American honors, but made a strong push over the final half of the multi- loop course over bumpy grass.
A lump, swelling or bumpy areas that feel different to the rest of your breast tissue.
As your guy friend found out, the area feels bumpy, dry and sandpapery.
There are lots of bumpy formations on the ceiling of Lake Louise.
After a bumpy debut that included two shelved albums and an unceremonious dismissal by major record label A&M, she bounced back with a Grammy nomination (2002's 1000 Kisses); cover turns by luminaries including Bette Midler, Emmylou Harris, and the Dixie Chicks (she also served as the Chicks' opening act during their Fly Tour 2000); and now her third solid release on Dave Matthews's ATO imprint, on which she sounds better and digs deeper than ever before.
We still love each other enough to get over the tiffs and bumpy patches we've hit from time to time.
A ride through the rainforest trails is an undulating, bumpy, yet thrilling experience.
Rhodri Morgan leads the largest party so he has the right to form an administration, but it is likely to be a bumpy ride,'' said Mr German.