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country bumpkin

Someone from a rural area who is therefore not versed in city life or its social norms. Cousin Celia is such a country bumpkin. Last time, she took her shoes off in the middle of a restaurant! Can you dress a little nicer? You look like a country bumpkin in those overalls!
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a country ˈbumpkin/ˈcousin

(informal, usually disapproving) a person from the countryside who is not used to towns or cities and seems stupid: He felt a real country bumpkin, sitting in that expensive restaurant, not knowing which cutlery to use.
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Robbo said: "For years people in the central belt and the cities have looked at the Highland teams as country bumpkins but they are actually good honest football teams who can play and you take them lightly at your peril.
The helicopter and aeroplane range from Country Bumpkins Gifts
If the members of the Utah House are the inconsequential bumpkins Mr.
Karinska made legions of glorious garments for ballerinas, premier danseurs, the corps de ballet, divas, and actors portraying all sorts of characters--mice, men, queens, goddesses, and bumpkins for the movies, theater, musicals, opera, and ballet.
Nevertheless, amid the mud and dung, her dignity and resolution rarely waver, and she becomes oddly nurturing and protective for the clownish bumpkins Cane portrays with affection, no matter how greedy and lecherous they might be.
But curiously, while the men are regarded as ignorant bumpkins, peasant girls are occasionally allowed to dominate the repartee with knights who attempt to seduce or rape them.
Secondary characters are numerous, from prostitutes and country bumpkins to a lord chief justice and country gentlemen.
The East is populated, in short, by sturdy superstitious bumpkins in sheepskin coats.
After the lager revolution of the 60s, ale took a back seat and was unfairly saddled by many lager drinkers as a drink for country bumpkins.
ROCHA are the country bumpkins of Uruguayan football so no surprises then over how they chose to celebrate becoming the first team from outside the capital Montevideo to be crowned champions since the league began in 1932.
There's nothing better than country bumpkins who use cider as an energy drink upsetting some flash city types.
Tokyoites may put them down as country bumpkins, but folks in the seaside prefecture have come up with a conning plan to persuade people to set up companies there.