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country bumpkin

Someone from a rural area who is therefore not versed in city life or its social norms. Cousin Celia is such a country bumpkin. Last time, she took her shoes off in the middle of a restaurant! Can you dress a little nicer? You look like a country bumpkin in those overalls!
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a country ˈbumpkin/ˈcousin

(informal, usually disapproving) a person from the countryside who is not used to towns or cities and seems stupid: He felt a real country bumpkin, sitting in that expensive restaurant, not knowing which cutlery to use.
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I would just normally mince my words to avoid offending the bumpkins, yokels, and one-eyes."
Robbo said: "For years people in the central belt and the cities have looked at the Highland teams as country bumpkins but they are actually good honest football teams who can play and you take them lightly at your peril.
The helicopter and aeroplane range from Country Bumpkins Gifts
Now with this article they will confirm their belief that all gun owners and shooters are uneducated, knuckle-dragging, country bumpkins without the good sense God gave a cow.
I never believed that I would see the day when a church publication would refer to the traditional understanding of Christianity as "Stepford Wives-style homogeneity," or suggest that those who advocate and invite adherence to traditional Christian theology are no more than bumpkins trying to create a "bubble" around themselves in a secular world.
'When people think of the Young Farmers' Eisteddfod they have this notion of country bumpkins in green wellies stepping out of their Land Rovers and straight onto the stage,' she says.
Just think how frightening it would be if we country bumpkins in the North East voted Yes and had to start running our own affairs rather than relying on all those clever people in London.
If the members of the Utah House are the inconsequential bumpkins Mr.
Karinska made legions of glorious garments for ballerinas, premier danseurs, the corps de ballet, divas, and actors portraying all sorts of characters--mice, men, queens, goddesses, and bumpkins for the movies, theater, musicals, opera, and ballet.
Nevertheless, amid the mud and dung, her dignity and resolution rarely waver, and she becomes oddly nurturing and protective for the clownish bumpkins Cane portrays with affection, no matter how greedy and lecherous they might be.
Most women in their right minds would rather stick pins into their eyes than spend a night listening to this group of whinging country bumpkins. But amazingly, 2,000 women have actually applied to meet these men.
BUMPKINS: Pauline Quirke and Warren Clarke live the country life in Down to Earth (BBC 1, 8pm)
They valiantly try to convince him that they are not superstitious bumpkins," but he confounds them by pointing out that they have a bulb of garlic nailed to the door, surely that is meant to scare away demons.
THE godfather of Scottish TV comedy yesterday blasted London BBC chiefs for treating Scots like "unsophisticated bumpkins".