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country bumpkin

Someone from a rural area who is therefore not versed in city life or its social norms. Cousin Celia is such a country bumpkin. Last time, she took her shoes off in the middle of a restaurant! Can you dress a little nicer? You look like a country bumpkin in those overalls!
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a country ˈbumpkin/ˈcousin

(informal, usually disapproving) a person from the countryside who is not used to towns or cities and seems stupid: He felt a real country bumpkin, sitting in that expensive restaurant, not knowing which cutlery to use.
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Julius Tommy Davidson Mimi Julie Brown Jimmy Paul Dinello Bunny Roberts Sandra Bernhard Bumpkin Dan Castellaneta Viv Colleen Camp Less Kevin Meaney Vallory Pamela Segall Nicky Matthew Glave Kandi Kane Jennifer Rubin Jean-Claude Phillipe Bergerone Montello Robert Costanzo At first glance, Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" may appear ripe for spoofing: It features memorable characters, indelibly loopy dialogue and several unforgettable scenes.
(3) 25 Dirt-removing cream (7) 26 Rangers former captain, - - - Ferguson (5) 27 Chaos (5) 28 Country bumpkin (5) 29 Poker player?
MARRIAGE-split Kerry Katona is to start a new life as a country bumpkin 300 miles away from her estranged husband.
Having used his life savings to buy the only barbershop in the Mirrored Kingdom, bumpkin Rufus (voiced by Robin Edwards) arrives to suffer a shock: With notion that imitation of the King flatters, no one has chopped their locks in decades.
COUNTRY music is shedding its bumpkin image as stunning Shania Twain turns the world of Nashville and gingham upside down.
MORE than 60pc of farmers are online - a far cry from the image of the country bumpkin technophobe, an NFU survey has found.
Only final quarter, with the young Kitano resenting the successes of another bumpkin even more clueless than he, drag a bit.
He has been given the role of the country bumpkin slug, who falls in love with one of the show's other characters.
The dictionary gives the definition of yob as a lout and once you start searching for lout the dictionary will give you bumpkin as a definition.
With most of pic taking place in graceful old provincial towns, the model reflects this setting, as she's something of a bumpkin ready to take on what the 20th century has to offer.
Trainer John Carr has a team of about 50 horses at his farm near Maynooth, Co Kildare and is clearly no country bumpkin having backed Sublimity on the exchanges at a staggering 600/1.
D.C., Dumfries I MAY be an unsophisticated bumpkin but I find Limmy, Gary: Tank Commander and Burnistoun about as funny as toothache.
His character had roots in the Roman clown and the comic country bumpkin. More modern origins can be traced to Pulcinella, a character who appeared in the Italian commedia dell'arte in the 17th century.
New series ThE PARADISE Tue BBC1 9pm Being a shop girl may not be the ambition of a modern lass, but it is for country bumpkin Denise Lovett (Joanna Vanderham).
And because he was from Arkansas, forgetting Georgetown, Oxford and Yale, the foreign policy establishment suspected he was a country bumpkin unschooled in the sophisticated ways of the world.