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country bumpkin

Someone from a rural area who is therefore not versed in city life or its social norms. Cousin Celia is such a country bumpkin. Last time, she took her shoes off in the middle of a restaurant! Can you dress a little nicer? You look like a country bumpkin in those overalls!
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a country ˈbumpkin/ˈcousin

(informal, usually disapproving) a person from the countryside who is not used to towns or cities and seems stupid: He felt a real country bumpkin, sitting in that expensive restaurant, not knowing which cutlery to use.
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Bumpkin TV Show in productions features Original Hit Songs, New & Old Country Southern Rock music favs plus Comedy, Guest Stars & Good News.
John Shinners and William Dohar have searched the English evidence for medieval pastors and pastoral care with a concern to do away with the popular conception of the parish priest as a barely literate bumpkin more commonly found in the alehouse than church and more concerned about his glebe than about his spiritual duties.
20, a parody of a lovesick Petrarchan country bumpkin.
The unnamed narrator meets this mysterious Argentine on an airplane, where the old man proceeds to argue quite vociferously, over copious whiskey, that Borges never existed, that he was actually an unschooled bumpkin who became Borges under the tutelage of his friend Adolfo Bioy Casares.
The Country Bumpkin will be a handmade crafts shop specializing in rabbits -- not real ones, though.
Early in Yankee folk tradition, Jonathan became a typical name for any Yankee, especially the country bumpkin who is smarter than he seems to be.
Born and raised in the backwoods of Swampass County comes the man who put the "bum" in bumpkin -- Country Clem
And Boris the Bumpkin can tell you the price of a bottle of champagne but not the price of a bottle of milk.
Carol Miller said: "As an Ayrshire country bumpkin, who regularly works in different areas of Glasgow.
Helmer Tosh Gitonga's first feature seldom surprises with its familiar tale of a country bumpkin sucked into criminal doings while trying to make it in the big city, but it also avoids cheap melodrama or sentimentality.
Channel Islands) recounts her experience as an egg-head in a working-class family and town, an unprepared country bumpkin at an elite college, a restless worker, a raging working-class militant in graduate school, and an intellectual snob professor to mainly working-class students at a regional university.
Gwilym said: "I had the impression he thought I was a Welsh country bumpkin who was there just to take up his time.
Treating Susan like a naive bumpkin may make good TV but is a million miles from the truth.
Charlotte Church has ambitions to be a country bumpkin.
Or consider inspired TV characters that make film characters look even lamer than they usually are: Jason Lee's soulful bumpkin on ``My Name Is Earl,'' Lauren Graham's hilariously neurotic motor mouth on ``Gilmore Girls,'' Kristen Bell's bitterly quippy teen detective on ``Veronica Mars,'' Tyler James Williams' ordinary kid caught in a delicate drift between racist peers and overextended parents on ``Everybody Hates Chris.