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a bumpy ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a rough ride!
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give (one) a bumpy ride

To cause one trouble with some activity or pursuit. Graduate school really gave her a bumpy ride, but she was working a full-time job too.
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have a bumpy ride

To have trouble with some activity or pursuit. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're going to have a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride


a bumpy ride

COMMON If someone has a rough ride or a bumpy ride, they experience a lot of problems or opposition when they are trying to do something. The Prime Minister is likely to face a rough ride in parliament today from the opposition. The proposed changes are not popular with all of the board and the chief executive's bumpy ride is far from over. Note: You can say that someone has an easy ride, meaning that they do not experience many problems or much opposition. You don't come into politics expecting an easy ride.
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a rough (or easy) ride

a difficult (or easy) time doing something.
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give somebody/have a bumpy ˈride

make a situation difficult for somebody; have a difficult time: The business has had a bumpy ride over the last twelve months, but profits are growing again now.
See also: bumpy, give, have, ride, somebody
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The reigning world champion had produced indifferent performances in practice on Friday and earlier yesterday complained about the bumpiness of the Marina Bay street circuit.
It comes blasting out of the blue on your airplane flight: sudden bumpiness and sometimes even a violent plummeting.
In the coming months, there will probably be more bumpiness because of the effect of last year's economic stimulus and the uncertain impact of this year's stimulus.
Too much bumpiness or unevenness can be corrected by pulling on the wool with a toothpick, or by compressing the upper layer with the needle.
The Rovers pitch has been poor in recent games and coach Paul Trollope said his side had struggled to cope with the bumpiness during Tuesday's 1-0 win over Oldham.
It is important that the plug be level with the surface of the green or bumpiness will result.
13) Incorporated into haptic devices are tactile cues (eg, the bumpiness of calculus) as well as kinesthetic cues (eg, the resistance of the tooth enamel).
The emotional bumpiness that may have been evident to some Taurus folk yesterday, may on the face of it be less evident.
The lexical bumpiness reappears as well, as in this account of the Eighth Circle, fourth Bolgia, what Baraka calls "Ditch 4.
The logs were chosen in such a way that their external features (volume, diameter, length, bumpiness, taper, and bow) extended as much as possible over very large intervals.
When I got to the airport, I felt the bumpiness begin.
As Huygens comes within a few hundred meters of the surface, the echo may indicate the bumpiness of the terrain.
Down time is limited to the procedure itself, and side effects are limited to minor bruising, swelling and bumpiness that dissipates within a few days.
However like Cinderella's gown, your bumpiness has a shelf life, So get thee to Mykonos and back before mid December.
Possible consequences of poor wetting include crawling, pull-away, cratering, picture framing, pinholes and holidays, roughness, bumpiness, air entrapment and poor adhesion.