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a bumpy ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a rough ride!
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give (one) a bumpy ride

To cause one trouble with some activity or pursuit. Graduate school really gave her a bumpy ride, and she was also working a full-time job.
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have a bumpy ride

To have trouble with some activity or pursuit. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're going to have a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride


a bumpy ride

COMMON If someone has a rough ride or a bumpy ride, they experience a lot of problems or opposition when they are trying to do something. The Prime Minister is likely to face a rough ride in parliament today from the opposition. The proposed changes are not popular with all of the board and the chief executive's bumpy ride is far from over. Note: You can say that someone has an easy ride, meaning that they do not experience many problems or much opposition. You don't come into politics expecting an easy ride.
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a rough (or easy) ride

a difficult (or easy) time doing something.
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give somebody/have a bumpy ˈride

make a situation difficult for somebody; have a difficult time: The business has had a bumpy ride over the last twelve months, but profits are growing again now.
See also: bumpy, give, have, ride, somebody
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DeRenzi's bumpiest period may have come in the last few years of longtime executive director Deane Allyn's tenure, when it was frequently rumored that the two no longer even spoke to each other.
We stopped to camp at 11:30, 2 miles from our landing spot, on some of the bumpiest tundra known to man.
The first several years from the Liberation on were the bumpiest ones, then a more forgetful France would offer limited amnesty laws in 1946 and 1947, and broader ones in 1951 and 1953.
But even on the bumpiest, most sprinkler-riddled back yard, you can still play this more sophisticated version and put to use all the aficionados' strategies.
David Walker, Arnold Clark Peugeot franchise manager, said: "The goodlooking 5008 delivers on all levels - it's comfortably sprung and it comes with a range of dynamic engines that can cruise effortlessly along the motorway and tackle even the bumpiest corners.
After an hour's taxi ride to Collem, we were loaded into jeeps with other tourists and taken on what was the bumpiest ride of our lives along a rocky terracotta road.
Harry and Hedwig enjoy the bumpiest journey in the wizarding world?
Before a crowd of 10,812 at Hayward Field on Saturday, Centrowitz survived one of the slowest and bumpiest races in memory to claim the 1,500 title at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.
Unlike some SUVs there is little roll on corners and it has a suspension which absorbs the bumpiest of surfaces easily.
English was delighted with his team's recovery, saying: "We promised we would put on a show and we did, despite what Jason King described as the bumpiest track he had ever ridden on.
I have had the dubious pleasure of driving my car and riding my motorcycle along this road and I think it is the bumpiest, lumpiest newly surfaced road I have ever been on.
IRELAND has the bumpiest roads in the world and is bottom of the list for offering decent toilet and travel breaks,, according to a new survey.
You get virtually no wobble if you hit them hard and the suspension system provides acomfortable ride over the bumpiest of roads.
The pitch out there was the bumpiest imaginable and we just couldn't get the breakthrough we needed.