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a bumpy ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride

A tough time. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're in for a rough ride!
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give (one) a bumpy ride

To cause one trouble with some activity or pursuit. Graduate school really gave her a bumpy ride, and she was also working a full-time job.
See also: bumpy, give, ride

have a bumpy ride

To have trouble with some activity or pursuit. If you think going to graduate school while working a full-time job is easy, you're going to have a bumpy ride!
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a rough ride


a bumpy ride

COMMON If someone has a rough ride or a bumpy ride, they experience a lot of problems or opposition when they are trying to do something. The Prime Minister is likely to face a rough ride in parliament today from the opposition. The proposed changes are not popular with all of the board and the chief executive's bumpy ride is far from over. Note: You can say that someone has an easy ride, meaning that they do not experience many problems or much opposition. You don't come into politics expecting an easy ride.
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a rough (or easy) ride

a difficult (or easy) time doing something.
See also: ride, rough

give somebody/have a bumpy ˈride

make a situation difficult for somebody; have a difficult time: The business has had a bumpy ride over the last twelve months, but profits are growing again now.
See also: bumpy, give, have, ride, somebody
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Bumpier air journeys would make flying more uncomfortable and raise the risks to passengers and crew.
By Damian Carrington/London Climate change will lead to bumpier flights caused by increased mid-air turbulence, according to an analysis by scientists of the impact of global warming on weather systems over the next four decades.
Scientists studying more than a dozen newly available images have concluded that Einstein's brain is bumpier than most, which may mean he had more neurons, the cells that transmit and receive information.
While individuals may have little trouble upgrading to Java 7, enterprises face a bumpier road.
Four points from two games suggests that the road to Brazil is going to be a bit bumpier than we would have liked.
We know, in short, that things are going to get bumpy, bumpier than they've been probably since February 2011, which itself was bumpier than they'd been in decades and decades.
However, serviced office prices have had a bumpier ride with a peak of pounds 278 per month for a single workstation in 2005, and a low of pounds 202 in 2009.
Mr Hester said turmoil in the eurozone meant recovery would be "longer and bumpier" than expected.
"They also highlight the external pressures facing banks, and economies more broadly, which are making the road to recovery longer and bumpier than hoped for," he added.
Sibling rivalry may not usually be an issue for you, but if you do have brothers and sisters, the chances are things can be a little bumpier today.
"The gradual recovery in oil prices is likely to prove slower and bumpier than our earlier estimates," said Costanza Jacazio, an analyst at Barclays.
The foliage of the tree was also taped, using larger pieces of tape for bigger leaves and texture, and smaller pieces for bumpier leaves.
At a time when some believe the best of times are in the rearview mirror, the paths that lie ahead for this year's fellows and for the foundation--while sure to be bumpier than usual--are embedded in promise.
The Cairo 'Red Devils' are also finding the road to a fifth consecutive national title far bumpier than expected with Ismaili level on points entering the May 20 final round.