bumper to bumper

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bumper to bumper

Very close together and forming a long, slow-moving line. The cars on the highway are bumper to bumper right now—there's no way we'll get there on time. There was bumper-to-bumper traffic the whole way home, so my commute took nearly an hour longer than usual.
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bumper to bumper

[of traffic] close together and moving slowly. The traffic is bumper to bumper from the accident up ahead.
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1 very close together, as cars in a traffic jam. 2 (chiefly of an insurance policy) comprehensive; all-inclusive.
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ˌbumper to ˈbumper

if vehicles are bumper to bumper, there is so much traffic that they are very close together and can hardly move: Being a Friday evening, it was bumper to bumper on the main road leading out of town.
A bumper is the bar fixed to the front and back of a vehicle to reduce the effect if it hits anything.
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Another driver from Prestatyn said he took the coastal routes back to his home in order to avoid "bumper to bumper" tail backs around Colwyn Bay.
Queues stretched for miles yesterday as roads in Wales and the West Country saw cars bumper to bumper.
ONE has to see to believe the number of private cars, Suzukis and wagons stranded bumper to bumper across Peshawar Road near Westridge, Rawalpindi, picking up and dropping the school kids at the opening and closing times of the schools situated there.
MANILA -- The longest running automotive lifestyle event in the Philippines, Bumper to Bumper is all set to stage a solidarity car show and free concert at the Bonifacio Shrine beside the Manila City Hall on Saturday May 7 from 3:00pm onwards called Rock the Vote.
It was bumper to bumper all the way from Erdington."
From bumper to bumper, from wheels to roof, we are very excited for the future of vehicles like the CT3.
BUMPER to bumper these boy racers accelerate away from police at more than 110mph.
Bumper To Bumper, a headphone disco, is being organised by radio rock station Phantom 105.2FM on April 19 in Dublin.
The South Korean firm are offering an unmatched seven-year, 100,000-mile bumper to bumper warranty with their new model, the cee'd.
Mums' cars are parked bumper to bumper - maybe now they will listen and leave their cars at home FULL STORY: PAGE 4
Cars were bumper to bumper as the M6 in central Birmingham between junctions six and five were reduced to one lane from 6am to 10am because of road works.
The road full, bumper to bumper, caused by closure of the left lane for road works on the stretch just before the Culverhouse Cross off-slip.
The car drove bumper to bumper with the MG, rammed it and sped off towards Butlers Leap.
Any questions about the Bumper to Bumper Pendine Stages Rally should be addressed to Andrea or Kenny Owen on 01550 721081 or 07890 460822.
The model offers a six-tonne payload and comes with a three-year 'bumper to bumper' warranty.