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bumper to bumper

Very close together. Typically said of traffic that is moving very slowly or not at all. The cars on the highway are bumper to bumper right now—there's no way we'll get there on time.
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bumper to bumper

[of traffic] close together and moving slowly. The traffic is bumper to bumper from the accident up ahead.
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1 very close together, as cars in a traffic jam. 2 (chiefly of an insurance policy) comprehensive; all-inclusive.

ˌbumper to ˈbumper

if vehicles are bumper to bumper, there is so much traffic that they are very close together and can hardly move: Being a Friday evening, it was bumper to bumper on the main road leading out of town.
A bumper is the bar fixed to the front and back of a vehicle to reduce the effect if it hits anything.
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bumper sticker

n. a car or other vehicle following too closely on one’s bumper. (A reapplication of the term for a kind of adhesive sign stuck on a car bumber.) I can’t talk now, I’ve got a bumper sticker that’s taking all my attention.
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n. an event that draws so many people that they bump into one another. There was a typically dull fanny-bumper in the village last night.

Get off my bumper!

1. exclam. Stop following my car so closely! Don’t follow me so close! Get off my bumper!
2. exclam. Stop monitoring me!; Get off my back! Look, man. I can take care of myself. Get off my bumper!
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up in someone’s gold ones

and up on someone’s bumper
n. in someone’s face. (Alludes to gold teeth.) He had his smelly face up in my gold ones, so I clobbered him. Why are you up on my bumper, dawg?
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up on someone’s bumper

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For years, many infant deaths went unexplained and were often identified as SIDS; but as state medical examiners have looked closer at the death records, they realize that traditional crib bumpers could have been the cause.
The elevated position of the bumper allows for an increased approach angle, which is more than 20[degrees] on FH models that feature the extra-high construction chassis.
And a report in the Journal of Paediatrics found that 27 American children under two suffocated between 1985 and 2005 after becoming wedged against a padded bumper or being strangled by a bumper tie.
Draco Aidan O'Brien 3rd in 2m bumper at Limerick on March 16 One of a number of bumper horses O'Brien has for his daughter Sarah to ride, and on current evidence this looks one of the likelier ones to collect.
Unbeaten in two bumpers in her native France, the five-year-old overcame a scare after jumping the third-last to assert her authority and land the odds in a two-mile maiden hurdle.
Boston Bumper has a 5,000-square-foot production area on the first floor of the mill building and a storage area of about 50,000 square feet on the third and fourth floors, where about 12,000 bumpers are kept.
Tong Yang is already the world's largest supplier of AM automotive bumpers, which totals 7.
Japan-based Mazda Motor has become the world's first automaker to recycle scrapped bumpers from end-of-life vehicles (ELV's) into raw material for new vehicle bumpers.
Or the fact that the maximum speed of a bumper car is about three miles an hour, given a following wind.
The Thorworld sliding nylon bumper incorporates a number of cost-effective features and comprises a heavy-duty black powder-coated steel frame, which is fixed to sound concrete or steelwork on the loading dock.
RICH REVIVAL A DOUR stayer, winner of a Down Royal bumper on debut, has performed well in two runs over hurdles, finishing third to Lambro at Naas on Sunday.
Mazda conducted a detailed examination of crushed bumper pellets to determine the paint removal rate of the conventional process, and found that only a small proportion (14 per cent) of the pellets still had residual paint; 86 per cent were paint free.
The new process can recycle all types and makes of bumper.
The new recycling technology can recycle all types and makes of bumper, thus removing the need for separate collection systems for each automakers products.