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bumper to bumper

Very close together and forming a long, slow-moving line. The cars on the highway are bumper to bumper right now—there's no way we'll get there on time. There was bumper-to-bumper traffic the whole way home, so my commute took nearly an hour longer than usual.
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get off (one's) bumper

1. To stop following directly behind one, especially in a car. I wish this guy would get off my bumper! I'm going the speed limit, for crying out loud! Get off my bumper, Jim—you keep ramming into me!
2. By extension, to stop pestering or closely observing one. Often used as an imperative. The boss keeps checking in every half hour to see how the project is coming along. I wish he would get off our bumper! Would you get off my bumper, kids? I'm trying to concentrate here.
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up on (one's) bumper

Extremely close to one while driving in a car; touching or right next to the bumper of one's car. The guy got right up on my bumper, blasting his horn until I finally moved over to let him go past. She came up on my bumper so I couldn't get into the parking spot.
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bumper to bumper

[of traffic] close together and moving slowly. The traffic is bumper to bumper from the accident up ahead.
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1 very close together, as cars in a traffic jam. 2 (chiefly of an insurance policy) comprehensive; all-inclusive.
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ˌbumper to ˈbumper

if vehicles are bumper to bumper, there is so much traffic that they are very close together and can hardly move: Being a Friday evening, it was bumper to bumper on the main road leading out of town.
A bumper is the bar fixed to the front and back of a vehicle to reduce the effect if it hits anything.
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bumper sticker

n. a car or other vehicle following too closely on one’s bumper. (A reapplication of the term for a kind of adhesive sign stuck on a car bumber.) I can’t talk now, I’ve got a bumper sticker that’s taking all my attention.
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n. an event that draws so many people that they bump into one another. There was a typically dull fanny-bumper in the village last night.

Get off my bumper!

1. exclam. Stop following my car so closely! Don’t follow me so close! Get off my bumper!
2. exclam. Stop monitoring me!; Get off my back! Look, man. I can take care of myself. Get off my bumper!
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up in someone’s gold ones

and up on someone’s bumper
n. in someone’s face. (Alludes to gold teeth.) He had his smelly face up in my gold ones, so I clobbered him. Why are you up on my bumper, dawg?
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up on someone’s bumper

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