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Taking another big breath, she bumped again - harder
To the best of our knowledge, no other supplier of bumped wafer inspection systems has been able to achieve repeatable, precise 3-D measurements of gold bumps, and certainly not at production speeds," Mr.
According to TechSearch International Inc, a packaging consultancy based in Austin, Texas, bumped wafers using the electroplated process is forecast to reach a capacity of 6,410,000 200mm-equivalent wafers this year, and will increase two-fold in the year 2005 to 12,688,000," said J.
Only when there aren't enough volunteers is a passenger bumped involuntarily -- and most airlines select passengers to be bumped on the basis of "last to the gate, first bumped.
June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Heavily booked summertime flights sometimes mean overbooked flights -- and bumped passengers.
According to market research firm Prismark Partners, the demand for bumped wafers will grow approximately 4-fold within the next five years.
A significant portion of wafers manufactured today are bumped.
RVSI) (Nasdaq: ROBV) today unveiled its new, second-generation WS-2000 bumped wafer inspection system.
According to the department's Air Travel Consumer Report, the carriers bumped a total of 50,840 passengers last year, a rate of 1.
Passengers who are bumped involuntarily are, with a few exceptions, entitled to financial compensation of up to $400 if the airline does not arrange substitute transportation that is scheduled to arrive at their destination within one hour.
OTCBB:NPCT) and Scimaxx Solutions LLC, a NanoPierce Joint Venture, announced today the introduction of a new, proprietary flip chip process that does not require chips to be bumped.
It was critical that we respond in a timely manner to the growing demand from our customers for bumped product.