bump against

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bump (up) against (someone or something)

To touch or strike something or someone, usually lightly and unintentionally. Whenever someone opens the door, it bumps against the coat rack. I lost my balance and bumped up against the person in front of me in line.
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bump (up) against someone or something

to strike someone or something accidentally, usually relatively gently. The car bumped up against the curb. The door has bumped against the wall and scratched the paint.
See also: bump
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She was found guilty of using her chest to bump against the arm of chief inspector Chan Ka-po during the protest in the rural Yuen Long district of the city, where chaotic scenes broke out over the number of traders shopping there.
Elderly beefeaters, tea-drinking bobbies and fake moon-landing conspiracies bump against Arthurian legend.
BLUES came crashing down to earth with an almighty bump against Hull.
Mullins' stories bump against one another much as one stitch leads to another.
Being rated BBB- allows us the opportunity to upgrade twice before we bump against the single A ceiling.
These implied privacy rights often bump against explicit constitutional rights such as free speech, free press, and criminal rights protections.
AFTER some decent showings against Huddersfield Giants and Leeds Rhinos we were brought back down to earth with a bump against a red-hot Wigan Warriors outfit.
Newcastle United 1 Blackburn Rovers 2 CHRIS Hughton accused his Newcastle side of lacking guile after they came back down to earth with a bump against a dogged Blackburn.
We came down to earth with a bump against Leicester and we are not where we want to be, but this is a great step forward for us.
IF YOU BUMP against a John Dory in the deep blue sea, you'll be reminded of your favourite duffer from school.
Natural CVA is found in the hard exoskeletons of flies and theoretically released when the flies bump against each other.
However, it didn't take too long before we were brought back down to earth with a bump against Ballymoney United.
When we were firing from the assault position, it had a bad tendency to bump against the body, dropping 100 rounds at our feet; not a good thing in the middle of a firefight.
2 : to bump against something without intending to <Careful