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Marlin also said Bump ''became extremely angry and combative'' and ''hurled invectives'' at her after Bump said Marlin should have contacted the political director of a labor organization during the course of an audit.
The country is filled with random bumps, cracks, holes, patched roads and poor urban planning.
When I was in Spain recently they were removing speed bumps up as the government were unable to pay for all the claims for compensation.
Fixture vendors need to be a partner in soldered bump development.
Two other Welsh speed bump sites which attracted a lot of complaints included one in Sontley Road, Wrexham and a series in Western Avenue, Sandfields, Port Talbot.
Q I LIVE in an area which is riddled with speed bumps.
The powers that be will say roads need to be improved before 2008 and the speed bumps are needed to save lives.
It works by lowering the bump for drivers who obey the speed limit.
I followed and suddenly we were starting down Midnight, an intermediate bump run.
In A, the PCI Express signal lines have additional bumps to match trace lengths, whereas these bumps are not required for PCI bus lines.
This article briefly discusses the limitations of the solder connection process and then draws comparisons to the gold bump process.
4 takes the gunner man to man, using a bump and run technique.
As fog wafts by, tiny water droplets gather on the top of a bump, merging into a drop big enough for the wind to nudge off the bump's summit.
has received an order for two NSX Series bump inspection systems from Flip Chip Technologies, Phoenix, Ariz.
a leading supplier of essential process management tools for the semiconductor industry, has introduced QuickLook, a process visualization workstation for analyses of bumped wafer inspection data and images from QuickSilver Bump Inspection Systems on the production floor.