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1. noun, informal An enthusiast who spends the majority of their free time doing something, especially a sport. Used in combinations. I spent a few years as a ski bum in Colorado before I finally decided to settle down with a proper career.
2. noun, informal A useless or incompetent person. They gave the promotion to Tom? But that bum couldn't organize a sock drawer!
3. noun, slang The buttocks. Primarily heard in UK. My bum is sore from cycling for so long. How does my bum look in these trousers?
4. verb, vulgar slang To have anal sex (with someone). Primarily heard in UK.
5. adjective, slang Poor quality; worthless. Don't listen to Bill. That doofus always gives bum advice. No, I don't take psychedelics anymore. I had a bum trip last time that really messed me up.
6. adjective, slang False, inaccurate, or misleading. Tommy was sent to jail on a bum rap because of his prior criminal history. He didn't rob that bank—he was with us the day it happened! My advisor really gave me a bum steer when she pushed me to take this class that I'm currently failing.
7. adjective, slang Injured or disabled. You kids keep a wide berth of Grandpa's bum knee, you hear! The last thing he needs is one of you bumping into it! I'd love to help you carry those things, but I've got a bum leg!

bum (something)

To obtain or make use of something that belongs to someone else by sponging or begging. Hey, can I bum a pen to use on this test? Tom always bums cigarettes off me whenever we're out for drinks.
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Feeling sad. I've been bumming ever since my boyfriend broke up with me.
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mod. down; depressed; suffering from something disagreeable. (Collegiate.) I’m really bumming. I think I need somebody to talk to.
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