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Bumfuck, Egypt

rude slang A non-specific distant place. What, is this place in Bumfuck, Egypt? Are we ever going to get there?
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and Bumblefuck
n. an imaginary place where everyone is a rural oaf. (Usually objectionable.) I have to drive my cousin home. He lives out in West Bumfuck or something. There we were, twenty miles from Bumblefuck, and no food, water, or money!
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No longer wanting to appeal only to the audience that came to see his countercultural hits, Waters said he preferred to create humor that could entertain people living in "East Bumfuck, America." "I've always wanted my movies to make money," he said.
"I wasn't walking into Bumfuck, Idaho," says Sellett.
There's that strange comfort you feel when the media report that George Bush has a 90 percent approval rating and you sit there feeling good because either (a) you like being the victim and the martyr or (b) you like knowing you're right and all those yahoos out there in Bumfuck U.S.A.
FERNIE: He's waving a gun in hundred-degree heat in the middle of Bumfuck, Texas, trying to flag down passing cars, when who comes along?
He wanted no big label, no Nirvana sell-out, he would hock his audio wares via the Internet, a song at a time, and who would take him seriously in that cyberspace if his IP was located in bumfuck, New York?