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bumble along

To go about bunglingly, awkwardly, mindlessly, etc., during some task or in general. There are so many problems in the world, but people would rather bumble along than do anything to help change them. That new kid just bumbles along in the warehouse, not paying attention to any of our safety requirements.
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bumble through something

to get through something clumsily. I guess I will have to bumble through this speech again. Lily bumbled through her song and fled from the stage.
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1. and stum [st?m] and stumble-bumbles (ˈstəmblæˈbəmblæz) n. barbiturates; sedatives; tranquilizers; alcohol. (Drugs.) Kelly was shocked to find a handful of stumble-bumbles in his brother’s jeans.
2. n. the inability to stand up and walk straight. I guess I have the stumbles today. Not enough sleep, I guess.
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Here's a perfect chance to send the message through the whole bumbling bureaucracy that he won't accept second-rate work from the nation's highest-paid administrators.
Photo: Stuart Pankin plays the bumbling professor who tries to explain 3-D technology in ``Encounter of the Third Dimension.
3 was released here last summer as ``Supercop''), this one has Chan's bumbling but dedicated Hong Kong cop Jackie helping the CIA and Russian intelligence track down a stolen nuclear warhead.
This excess humidity doesn't contribute much to Hampton's curiously muted adaptation of Conrad's black satirical novel about spies, greedy anarchists and bumbling terrorists.
The movie gives us two bumbling emissaries from the 12th century, a knight called Godefroy (Jean Reno) and his bumbling squire, Jacquouille (Christian Clavier), who drink a magic potion that propels them into modern-day France.
Unforgettable" just seems bumbling; beautiful, much of the time, but bumbling.