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bumble along

To go about bunglingly, awkwardly, mindlessly, etc., during some task or in general. There are so many problems in the world, but people would rather bumble along than do anything to help change them. That new kid just bumbles along in the warehouse, not paying attention to any of our safety requirements.
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bumble through

To go about bunglingly, awkwardly, mindlessly, etc., during some task or in general. There are so many problems in the world, but people would rather bumble through than do anything to help change them. You got a D because you just bumbled through this paper without making any meaningful analysis of the text.
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1. Someone who muddles their way through something in an inept, haphazard manner; a blundering, incompetent fool. With a stumble-bumble like him running the company, it's hard to believe we haven't gone bankrupt yet. She may have been an amazing businesswoman, but she is has been absolute stumble-bumble as our governor.
2. dated slang Any powerful, addictive narcotic, especially a barbiturate. Typically used in plural constructions. The officer could tell the two suspects were high off their gourds on stumble-bumbles.

bumble through something

to get through something clumsily. I guess I will have to bumble through this speech again. Lily bumbled through her song and fled from the stage.
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1. and stum [st?m] and stumble-bumbles (ˈstəmblæˈbəmblæz) n. barbiturates; sedatives; tranquilizers; alcohol. (Drugs.) Kelly was shocked to find a handful of stumble-bumbles in his brother’s jeans.
2. n. the inability to stand up and walk straight. I guess I have the stumbles today. Not enough sleep, I guess.
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Michigan State University led the study, which compared current distributions of bumble bee species across the state to the information gleaned from museum specimens collected as far back as the 1880s.
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Bumble Bee Foods last year pleaded guilty to the same charge and paid a $25 million fine, $111 million lower than prosecutors said it should have been.
Bumble and his pals, Floyd and Frankie, could live indoors or outdoors as long as they have plenty of space and things to keep them entertained.
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It contains Clinique for Men Face Scrub (100ml), Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion (15ml), Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream (100ml), Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash (30ml), Bumble & Bumble Surf travel size shampoo (60ml), Bumble & Bumble Surf travel size conditioner (60ml) and you get PS60 worth of hair and skincare for just PS30.