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Used cars often get a bum rap, but these cars are not all bad.
JOEY Barton has been given a bum rap after his cheeky celebrations against Everton saw him slapped with an FA charge.
For a refutation of von Munchhausen's possibly undeserved reputation, see Patterson's historical review entitled, "The Munchausen syndrome: Baron yon Munchhausen has taken a bum rap.
The news (and bad news, I suppose, for the apologists of solipsistic pen-and-ink fantasies and School of Tuymans oils, or whatever other back-to-art-basics merchandise fills the stalls these days) is that Art Fair Art (and, more important, the post-Pop performative efforts of which it is a subset) evinces, contra the bad-boy bum rap, a measure of complexity and contradiction.
If he is, I'm told, he'll face a bum rap from the police.
Again, Zuckoff argues that Ponzi got a bum rap and was merely the victim of circumstance and anti-Italian prejudice.
Every Cabinet member knows Mandelson was removed on a bum rap.
The chairman has his critics but my view, as someone who is fresh [in the job], is that he gets a bum rap.
When Koch-Weser was rejected by the Americans--although he had the backing of all EU countries--most Germans felt at the time that their candidate had gotten a bum rap from the Clinton administration.
Interestingly enough, the petition seemed worried, not only that Olsen was getting a bum rap for being outed, but that gay people were getting a bum rap for being associated with the cub reporter
Nass: Frequent bathing has been given a bum rap as being responsible for causing dry, parched, and cracking skin.
LOS ANGELES -- Like those who take it, the drug popularly known as "Ecstasy" may be getting a bum rap.
If you were Anglican, you could find your way through the Prayer Book with your eyes closed, received Communion weekly, and thought history had given Henry VIII a bum rap.
But there were other things I saw in this windswept, frozen village -- things that I had not been expecting that made me realize this community had been getting a bum rap.
Stress has been getting a bum rap because we didn't know until recently that infectious bacteria can cause stomach and duodenal ulcers.