bum off

bum (something) off (someone)

To borrow or use something that belongs to someone else. Hey, can I bum a pen off you?
See also: bum, off

bum something off someone

Sl. to beg or borrow something from someone. Can I bum a cigarette off you? You can't bum anything off me that I don't have.
See also: bum, off
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He's playful and cheeky, my mam's scottie dog has even had a few slaps on the bum off him when she won't play chase
I've worked my bum off trying to raise money and favours and, 10 months on and approximately PS20,000 later, I've done it; the building is safe and reopened.
A workout routine will help you stay healthy, maintain your drive and bum off stress (plus going outdoors or to a gym will help you get away from it all).
I've missed a lot of Test matches and games through injury throughout my career and I also feel like I've worked my absolute bum off as well to have an opportunity to be able to represent my country.
Another food burg is Cornish, a few thousand walking calories from Claremont For the record, half a Cornish game hen adds a mere 340 calories, which you can bum off with a brisk walk to Cornish Flat just a bit north.
And there is no heater, so you freeze your bum off.
As interest-only periods expire, interest reserves bum off and floating rate debt matures, additional distressed assets will be created and will continue to come to market until our massive deleveraging process has been completed.
Lift your bum off the ground and straighten your legs so only your heels are on the floor Bend your elbows and lower your upper body down towards the floor until your arms are at about a 90 degree angle.
Even though it is fantastic and amazing already, I have really had to work my little bum off to get there.
Bend knees in front of you, raise your bum off the ground and 'dip' by bending and extending the elbows up and down as many times as possible in either 30, 45 or 60 seconds.
I don't see too many people get off their seats and give standing ovations when someone makes a good tackle but when someone whizzes one in the net from 20 yards, it seems to get everyone's bum off the seat.
If you constantly consume more calories than you bum off, you are going to become fatter.
Lift bum off the chair and then lower and lift again.