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She told Closer that her daughter's bum 'needs improving', describing it as 'very flat', and said she is saving money to pay for her daughter to go under the knife.
In the end, even the original poster promised to "not use the rest until I am ready" or to "just use the ones on the Central line, which are clearly one bum wide".
She wrote: "They claim that 'bum boy' is a 'derogatory term directed at homosexual men', when we all know that in fact, in the context of BMW car adverts, 'BMW BUM BOY' indicates 'a BMW owner, who modifies their BMW with (typically) tinted windows, chrome alloys, wide tyres and extremely large exhaust pipe, driving in an aggressively yobbish or typically BMW manner without indicating.'" Ling also posted a link to her email correspondence with the ASA, in which she said: "I'm so sorry that someone has complained to the ASA.
According to a report from the Government Accountability Office, as many as 10,000 patients could require thermal bum care in a mass casualty event.
It would be different if your bum was big and you were doing squats to make it bigger.
It's a particular style of bikini - a heart shaped back with a ruched middle, as opposed to the Kim Kardashian, who has made the bum big traditional triangle shape - that originated in Brazil and then moved to America.
Students from the English University have been running a competition for the past three years entitled "Cambridge's Best Bums" and this year, one of the contestants took inspiration from one of Kim's infamous photos.
15.329 million som from that sum was transferred to the bank account of BUM Ltd.
After that, Hedonism II will select the top 20 women to move on to the bum parade finals.
Vintageous Rags owner Grace Stringer has sold more than 200 bum bags in both leather and fabric as well as vintage versions.
A bum bag is a small bag that is strapped around your waist and is used everywhere.
TO build muscle in your bum, or anywhere in the body, work out to stimulate muscle growth.
Helen Connolly, head of buying, said: "Our Great Bum Briefs plump up flat bottoms to help create a shapely silhouette."
The 2013 edition of Miss Bum Bum, had 15 young women competing for the crown, News.com.au reported.