Bully for you!

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Bully for you!

Good for you! Well done! Can also be used sarcastically to convey the speaker's annoyance. Primarily heard in UK. I heard you got promoted—bully for you! A: "I'm so excited to have a date to the dance!" B: "Well, bully for you! No one has asked me yet."
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Bully for you!

1. an expression that praises someone or someone's courage. (Dated, but still heard.) The audience shouted, "Bravo! Bully for you!" Bob: I quit my job today. Sally: Bully for you! Now what are you going to do? Bob: Well, I need a little loan to tide me over.
2. a sarcastic phrase belittling someone's statement or accomplishment. Bob: I managed to save three dollars last week. Bill: Well, bully for you! Mary: I won a certificate good for a free meal! Sally: Bully for you!
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bully for —!

well done!; good for (you, them, etc.)!
This expression takes its origin from the US colloquial sense of bully meaning ‘first-rate’, recorded since the mid 19th century.
See also: bully
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bully for somebody!

(spoken) used to show that you do not think that what somebody has said or done is very impressive: ‘Janet’s just won a free holiday in Spain.’ ‘Oh, bully for her! She’s so rich anyway, she can afford to go away whenever she wants to.’
See also: bully
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