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Several huge bulls stood erect to get a better view of the intruder.
The doctor halted at the sight that met his eyes--the prostrate form of the girl and the man battling with three huge bulls.
Yes," said John Harned, "against five bulls, and the man, like the bulls, never in the bull ring before--a man like yourself, Senor Crevallos.
Now they rushed forward to finish Korak and made good the girl's capture; but as they came there came also from another point in the jungle the great Akut and at his heels the huge bulls of his new kingdom.
A quick spring and he would be upon them and away again with his meat before the bulls could prevent.
For a moment the bull stood bellowing and quivering with pain and rage, its cloven hoofs widespread, its tail lashing viciously from side to side, and then, in a mad orgy of bucking it went careening about the arena in frenzied attempt to unseat its rending rider.
Never before did a bull have such bright and tender eyes, and such smooth horns of ivory, as this one.
Zu-tag will go," replied the younger bull, "and he will take the Tarmangani's she and all the bulls of Go-lat who are not cowards," and so saying he cast his eyes inquiringly about at the other apes.
Then the lion, unable to free himself, had torn and bitten at the back and neck of the bull, which, maddened with fear and pain, had rushed on until it dropped dead.
As soon as his horned friend were down, William turned, clinked off like a long-dog, and jumped safe over hedge, before the praying bull had got on his feet again to take after him.
He had appraised the young bull as one who had never quite felt equal to the task of overthrowing his former king, but who one day would have done so.
The egregious rustic put to death A bull by stopping of its breath: Disposed the carcass in a shed With fragrant herbs and branches spread.
The bull makes a rush, with murder in his eye, but a picador meets him with a spear-thrust in the shoulder.
Then Meav's sorrow was bitter, and calling a messenger, she asked if he knew where might be found a young bull to match with White- horned.
And after them comes the Bull - the Red Bull on the green field.