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battle of the bulge

slang The struggle to lose weight or stay slim. The phrase is a humorous reference to the World War II battle of the same name. The battle of the bulge keeps me going to the gym.
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be bulging at the seams

slang To be overly crowded. Because of all the delays this morning, the train station is bulging at the seams. Good luck finding a place to sit!
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bulge out

To protrude. That growth is now bulging out of your neck—you really need to get that checked. That trash bag might rip—something on this side is bulging out.
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bulge with (something)

To protrude with a particular substance or for a particular reason. The doctor said that I'm fine—the growth is just bulging with harmless pus!
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get the bulge on (someone or something)

To obtain an advantage over someone or something. I hope that my extensive student teaching experience helps me to get the bulge on the competition.
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have the bulge on (someone or something)

To have an advantage over someone or something. I hope to have the bulge on the competition, thanks to my extensive student teaching experience.
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battle of the bulge

the attempt to keep one's waistline slim. (Jocular. Alludes to a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge. I've been fighting the battle of the bulge ever since I turned 35.
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bulge out

to swell outward; to extend out into a lump or mound. The puppy's tummy bulged out, full of food. The bag of grass clippings bulged out heavily.
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bulge with something

to be swollen with something. The bag was bulging with gifts and candy. The chipmunk's cheeks bulged with the nuts it had found.
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have (or get) the bulge on

have or get an advantage over. British informal
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be bursting/bulging at the ˈseams (with something)

(also be full to ˈbursting (with something)) (informal) be very or too full (of something): All of our schools are bursting at the seams; we have to build new ones urgently.
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bulge out

1. To swell or protrude outward: I ate so much that my stomach was bulging out.
2. To bend or warp out of proper shape or alignment: If it gets too hot, the sides of the stove will bulge out.
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battle of the bulge

n. the attempt to keep one’s waistline normal. (Named for a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge.
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battle of the bulge

A jocular description of fighting middle-aged spread, named for an actual battle between the Allies and German forces during World War II. The last great German drive of the war, it began in December 1944, when Nazi troops “bulged” through the Allied lines deep into Belgium. It took a month for the Allies to drive back the German forces. The current cliché was born in the second half of the 1900s, when diet-conscious Americans deplored the seemingly inevitable advance of pounds that comes in advancing years. A New York Times review of the one-woman play by Eve Ensler, The Good Body, had it: “. . . Ms. Ensler . . . [was] soliciting the experiences of women caught up in similar battles of the bulge” (Nov. 16, 2004).
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What we are being told then by experts concerned with this phenomenon is that, yes, true, a youth bulge in an "undeveloped" country is simple to comprehend, but devastating in its simplicity, namely, that in a systemic manner, the discontent of a burgeoning population whose dreams remain unfulfilled will impact not only on our economic progress but, in a trickle-down effect, on every subsystem in our social system -- our culture, our politics, our institutions, our education, our values and, well, the way we define our objective world.
The countries with high economy rate can manage the youth bulge and divert them in positive path to get the advantages of their potential and capabilities for the country.
But as youth bulges approach middle age, political stability often increases, researchers say.
Version 2.95 was used for this study, upgraded from the commercially available 2.0 for introduction of bulges in the template.
Large values for m result in large bulges, which in turn admit the efficient use of medium-order Householder matrices and WY representations [11].
Purpose: To assess the feasibility of utilizing an axial loading device on individuals with acute low back pain and to assess the sagittal plane kinematics and posterior disc bulge of the lumbar spine during axial loaded MRI in persons with acute low back pain.
A number of foods--beans, cabbage, and bran, for example--can cause bloating and accentuate your bulge.
At the top of the stair is a large terrace over the three-storey bulge. It overlooks the garden and the view, and must be a wonderful place for summer parties.
A mass of molten rock, or magma, heated deep within Earth, thrust up the crust and formed a bulge. When the pressure got too great, the magma exploded and the dome collapsed in on itself to create a caldera.
If you are using a gun which allows bulges of the casing at the base, or using brass originally shot in such a chamber, then the Case Pro could, in my estimation, save the cost of your gun and medical expenses.
Outward and inward bulges in the shell cause excess metal or dimpling in castings surfaces.
Earlier studies had revealed an intriguing link between the masses of black holes and the central "bulges" of stars and gas in galaxies.
The laser line sensor increases the data density or amount of profile information to detect small bulges or depressions that might be missed by single point sensors.
Regardless of their size, the bulges always turned out to be 500 times as massive as the giant black holes at the hub of their galaxies.