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battle of the bulge

slang The struggle to lose weight and/or stay slim. The phrase is a humorous reference to the World War II battle of the same name. The battle of the bulge keeps me going to the gym.
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be bulging at the seams

slang To be overly crowded. Because of all the delays this morning, the train station is bulging at the seams. Good luck finding a place to sit!
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bulge out

To protrude. That growth is now bulging out of your neck—you really need to get that checked. That trash bag might rip—something on this side is bulging out.
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bulge with (something)

To protrude with a particular substance or for a particular reason. The doctor said that I'm fine—the growth is just bulging with harmless pus!
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have the bulge on (someone or something)

To have an advantage over someone or something. I hope to have the bulge on the competition, thanks to my extensive student teaching experience.
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get the bulge on (someone or something)

To obtain an advantage over someone or something. I hope that my extensive student teaching experience helps me to get the bulge on the competition.
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battle of the bulge

the attempt to keep one's waistline slim. (Jocular. Alludes to a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge. I've been fighting the battle of the bulge ever since I turned 35.
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bulge out

to swell outward; to extend out into a lump or mound. The puppy's tummy bulged out, full of food. The bag of grass clippings bulged out heavily.
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bulge with something

to be swollen with something. The bag was bulging with gifts and candy. The chipmunk's cheeks bulged with the nuts it had found.
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have (or get) the bulge on

have or get an advantage over. British informal
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be bursting/bulging at the ˈseams (with something)

(also be full to ˈbursting (with something)) (informal) be very or too full (of something): All of our schools are bursting at the seams; we have to build new ones urgently.
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bulge out

1. To swell or protrude outward: I ate so much that my stomach was bulging out.
2. To bend or warp out of proper shape or alignment: If it gets too hot, the sides of the stove will bulge out.
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battle of the bulge

n. the attempt to keep one’s waistline normal. (Named for a World War II battle.) She appears to have lost the battle of the bulge.
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The center of the Milky Way is about 26,000 light-years away and the width of the bulge, roughly 10,000 light-years, is approximately one-tenth of the galaxy's diameter.
The bulge is a key signature of formation of the Milky Way Galaxy," says Ness.
A bulge can also form when galaxies merge, but the Milky Way has not merged with any large galaxy in at least 9 billion years.
A council spokeswoman now says: "We are consulting with Moor Hall School with a view to expanding the school with a year three bulge in September 2016 and a permanent expansion in September 2017.
Whichever way you look at it, the implications of the youth bulge in our part of the world is an issue that is, indeed that should be, of paramount significance for every single one of us.
The researchers also found that the moon's overall gravity field was no longer aligned with the topography, as it would have been when the tidal bulges were frozen into the moon's shape.
The massive German counteroffensive, code name Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine), is often called the Von Rundstedt Offensive or the Ardennes Counteroffensive; however, it is most commonly referred to as the Battle of the Bulge by Americans and the British.
By her next follow-up visit, tone had returned to her lateral abdominal musculature with resolution of the flank bulge, which had lasted about 4 weeks in total.
BULGE 3FREE The new bra at Sainsbury's designed to beat back fat
The author of this study, who earlier investigated Patton's Lorraine campaign, now turns his analytical skills to an assessment of Patton's effectiveness as a commander during the Battle of the Bulge in terms of command and operational technique, mission accomplishment, and cost in lives relative to the gains made by his forces.
The revolving operating credit facility matures on August 31, 2013, except for amounts borrowed under the bulge facility, which mature six months after September 25, 2012.
The first generation of the device had shown the potential to reduce disc bulges and avoid lower back surgery with a simple injection procedure.
But more so he missed being able to talk to the authentic Battle of the Bulge veterans who reside each year in Barracks 12-15.
Pakistan is now experiencing its largest ever youth bulge.
Unlike the bulge bracket firms for whom high-touch trading is a substantial part of the business, agency brokers have smaller budgets and tend to rely on their technology and low-touch trading services to win clients.